There were four girls, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

She had made the decision to move in with the girls and they counted on her to stay there and pay rent for at least a year

Our daughter thought that since she was in college, she should not be living with her parents anymore. I kind of shrugged and simply said okay. I felt that if she really wanted to move out, then I was going to allow her to move out. She found a notice on the bulletin board where three girls were looking for a roommate. She answered the notice and they agreed to let her join them. When she saw the apartment, she wasn’t so sure she had made the right decision. There were two bedrooms, and only one bathroom between the four of them. There was one thermostat in each bedroom and a thermostat for the rest of the apartment. She looked a bit taken aback, but she agreed to move in. It didn’t take a month until the weather changed and she was ready to come home. In order to get enough heat to keep the apartment warm, they had to have the thermostat set at eighty. They had to carry their books and laundry up four floors. She said she wanted to come home, but I told her no. She had made the decision to move in with the girls and they counted on her to stay there and pay rent for at least a year. She told us how horrible the heating was and how she had t5o share a room with a girl who snored and didn’t let her turn the thermostat down. I found it funny to hear her complain, and I almost agreed to let her come home, but she had signed the lease.

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The dorm didn’t have heat like at home.

Our son thought that when he went to college, he was going to have the same comforts that he had at home.

He and three other guys were sharing a dorm room.

They had two sets of bunk beds, and small desks at the end of each bunk bed so the kids had their own studying space. There was a small closet and a small dresser for each guy. There were two bathrooms that were shared by their hallway. His next question was about the thermostat. He wanted to know how he was going to control the heat and air conditioning in the dorm room. My husband chuckled and told him that the hall monitor probably had access to the thermostat. Not every room had its own thermostat. Our son was devastated. He thought it was a right to have his own thermostat, and he planned on protesting. II told him that when he became a senior, he would be able to have his own dorm room, or he would be living off campus. Up until that point, he had to accept that living in the dorm was not the same as living at home, and he wouldn’t have quality heat like he had at home. I thought our son was going to be the only one to whine about the lack of thermostats but as his roommate arrived, I found I was wrong. Each one thought they should have a thermostat to control their own comfort. As parents, we all chuckled at the naivete of our children, and how they were going to do a lot of growing up over the next year. Hopefully they would learn to appreciate what they have at home.

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Of course, there is air conditioning in the jailhouse.

Our granddaughter was with us last week when we passed a prison.

She was really nervous going past the building and she had all kinds of questions.

She made Papa pull over so she could look at the sharp wire all along the walls. He told her that there were some people inside who were being punished and the wire kept them from crawling over the walls and running away. She didn’t like that they would run away, but she said she understood. She noticed that the building was all rock and this had her worried. She told us how she had burned her feet when she took her shoes off and walked on the sidewalk in front of the house. If the sidewalk got that hot, she was sure the people in the building would get hot. She wanted to know if they had air conditioning to keep them cool. Papa simply told her that of course, there is air conditioning in the jailhouse. The people inside couldn’t survive if they didn’t have air conditioning in the summer. They even had heating for the winter. He told her that the large machines on top of the building were the air conditioners and there were four furnaces in the basement. When she asked how he knew all that about the furnaces and the air conditioning, he proudly told her that he helped install the HVAC system. She wanted to know if he walked up on the wall like those men she saw. He laughed and said he was one of the HVAC technicians who installed all the HVAC equipment when the prison was first built.

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He forgot we needed a furnace.

We had to have our furniture delivered and installed

For the last year, we had been watching the construction on our home as it progressed. We were finally seeing it go from frame, to a finished product. The only thing left to be done, was get our HVAC system and have it installed. I was talking to the HVAC contractor, and he had us pick out which air conditioning system we wanted. All I knew was that I wanted something that was going to be highly energy efficient and would work for us even after our family had grown. I wanted the same thing for our furnace. My husband came home the other day and told me we were needed at the house. We got there and the HVAC contractor looked a bit upset. He said the housing contractor had forgotten about the furnace. He never gave thought to bringing the furnace into the house and he had to reopen the doorway to the basement to make room for it to be installed. He also had to take out the door to the kitchen so the furnace could be taken into the house. I asked if they couldn’t just take the door frame from the basement, but the contractor insisted it would be easier to take the furnace through the kitchen. We were finally to have the HVAC system installed, even if it isn’t being installed the way the HVAC contractor had planned. Three weeks later, we had HVAC and the house was almost ready to be moved into. We had to have our furniture delivered and installed. The electricity and gas had to be turned on, along with the water. We were moving into our home.

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What happened to the air conditioning?

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get much work done, since the heat was slowly climbing.

When I started grad school, I moved out of the cramped apartment that I shared with three other roommates. I was soon going to finish law school, and I would need enough room to spread out and do all my added work. I also had a girlfriend that I didn’t want to keep bringing to a crowded apartment. I was sitting at the desk one afternoon, and I could feel beads of sweat trickling between my shoulder blades. I knew I had the air conditioning on, but it didn’t seem to be working. I checked the thermostat and I had it set at seventy, but the temperature was up to eighty-one degrees. I called the landlord and told him the air conditioning wasn’t working. He gave me the number of the HVAC company and told me to call them. This wasn’t the first time I had a problem with the air conditioning, and I guessed he was tired of dealing with it. He told me to sign the bill and mark it to be sent to him. When I got in touch with the HVAC company, I was told they couldn’t get to the apartment for at least 24 hours. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get much work done, since the heat was slowly climbing. I called my girlfriend, who told me to bring my books over and I could study at her house. She had excellent air conditioning, and it worked. I agreed to bring my books and do my studying there, but I wasn’t sure how much work we were going to get done. She said she was going to force me to work, because she had her own studying to do.


There wasn’t any air conditioning in the hotel.

My husband and I had been saving for our honeymoon for almost five years.

Although we had been married for five years now, we were finally going to go on our honeymoon. We booked a hotel that was going to cost us over $2000 a night. The hotel was right by the ocean. Every room had a private beach setting and open doors leading to a private patio. There were no dining rooms, but chefs were available to cook for each suite, when they called room service. It was considered to be a hotel for the rich, and we were going for a full week. When we got there, the first thing my husband did was call room service, and then he looked for a thermostat. He thought it was a bit too warm in the room. I told him it was probably because there were no doors on the patio. He was now worried less about the thermostat and air conditioning, but he worried more about someone being able to get into our room. I stood out on the terrace and realized there was no way anyone could get into the room. We had a secured and private entrance from our room to the privacy beach. He asked how we were going to keep the mosquitoes out and be comfortable at night. I pulled the mosquito netting down over the open terrace door, and moved to the bed to do the same. That’s when he realized there was cool air conditioning blowing from an air vent and pointed directly at the bed and the eating area.

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The bird quit singing.

My wife had what she called a Tweety-bird from the time she was a little girl.

  • When one parakeet died, we would buy another one, because she loved the sound of the bird in the morning.

Our most recent parakeet had only been with us for about a month, when it suddenly passed away. It was healthy, and since we had been longtime owners of parakeets, we knew it had to have something wrong with it. We bought another parakeet that afternoon, and within an hour of being in the house, it suddenly quit singing and died. My wife and I were so alarmed that we packed a bag and left the house. We remembered how miners would use parakeets to tell them when there was carbon monoxide in the mine. The bird would die before the carbon monoxide saturation got too bad for the miners. I called the HVAC company and the fire company as soon as we were out of the house. The HVAC company didn’t answer right away, but they called us back within a few minutes. I told them about our parakeet suddenly dying. I also told them that our HVAC technician was afraid that a part of our gas furnace was getting weaker. I said I had called the fire company, and they confirmed the house had a high concentration of carbon monoxide and we were lucky we had left. We had to purchase a new furnace. It’s funny because if our bird hadn’t died, we wouldn’t have known our furnace wasn’t working properly, and we may not have lived long enough to call the HVAC company.

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It wasn’t so much that it was a bad furnace, it just wasn’t efficient.

We have had the same furnace for over ten years now.

The furnace still ran well and it kept us warm in the winter time.

I knew that it was time to have it replaced. It wasn’t that it was a bad furnace, but I had noticed its efficiency wasn’t so good anymore. Our energy bills were going up and it had nothing to do with energy company rate hikes. We were finding that the furnace was running longer, and not building up any extra heat. We also had a few drafty areas in the house, where the heat never seemed to reach. My wife and I sat down and discussed the possibility of getting a new furnace. Our first step was to call the HVAC company. We had regular inspections done on the furnace, and we had only had minor repairs made. The problem was that the minor repairs seemed to be getting more frequent. I noticed we were putting out more for repairs over the past year. I called the HVAC company and explained what was going on, and I asked for their professional opinion. A HVAC contractor came by and he looked at the furnace. After half an hour, he told us we may be right about needing a new furnace. We had it put in the house almost sixteen years earlier. He said if we were to purchase new, he could give us some money off if we traded this one in. They could refurbish it and use it as one of their units they give to the poor. We ordered a new furnace that afternoon.



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What would I miss the most about my house?

I was considering moving yesterday.

I had already told my wife that I thought we needed a change in scenery. She kissed me and told me to hold that thought until she got home from work. She didn’t ask me where I wanted to move, or even why I thought I needed to move. I was just told to hold the thought until she got home. I was walking around the house and looking out the windows. I knew I wouldn’t miss the scenery because it never changed. We had the Marshall house to the left of us. The Bakers were on the right. Directly across the street was old Mrs. Tuttle. She would have me come over and check her air conditioning unit about once a week. She was always afraid of being mummified if her air conditioning would quit working. Next to Mrs. Tuttle was old Mr. Hanson. He didn’t know we all saw him sneaking over to Mrs Tuttle’s house in the evening, and he didn’t go home until early in the morning. Maybe his sneaking around was because of his age. He also had me come to the house about once a month so I could check on the coolant level in the air conditioning unit, and make sure it was okay. He was afraid of mummification, but he hated it to be too hot. My house was a good house, and I had excellent air conditioning. I guess moving wasn’t the right move for us. I may be a retired HVAC technician, but our neighbors keep me busy with their AC unit, and I’ve never missed working.
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I was on a deserted island.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just want to escape reality.

Last week, I imagined I was on a deserted island. There was nothing on the island but me, the trees, and endless miles of beaches where I could fish and sunbathe. I know that wasn’t a very grown-up thing to do, however I had to escape. I thought about all the things I could do alone on that island. Of course, there came a time when I had to face reality. I don’t know if I would ever want to give up my job. I’ve always enjoyed being a HVAC technician. I was the first female HVAC technician in our area. I used to draw attention when I would pull up to the house and get out of the HVAC service van. There was one gentleman who didn’t even want me to come into his house because he didn’t think I was a real HVAC technician. I struggled to keep my cool at first, but then I had to laugh. I showed him my HVAC companies badge and my driver’s license to prove that I really was who the HVAC company badge said I was. It wasn’t until he called the HVAC company and asked who I was. He finally allowed me into his house and showed me where the furnace was. He then asked if a little thing like me was able to work on that first. I chuckled and told him he could watch me if he liked, but I really was okay with making the furnace repairs. I have been a HVAC technician for almost five years now..


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