My air conditioning wouldn’t work but now I know why

With summer almost upon us, I decided to go ahead and turn the air conditioning back on in our house. I can’t stand it when the temperature in the house is anywhere above seventy degrees and so I run the A/C from May all the way through September most of the time. However, this time when I turned the air conditioning on, nothing happened. I checked the thermostat batteries and they were fine and so I started to do a little bit of detective work to try and figure out what the issue was. The A/C vents felt like there was barely any air blowing through them at all. I started to think that maybe something was blocking the air vents but I couldn’t figure out what it might be. I messed around with several of the air vent covers but I couldn’t find anything that was blocking them. Then I realized that one of the things that I hadn’t thought to check was the main A/C unit down in the basement. I went downstairs to the furnace room where the A/C and the furnace are installed and that’s when I realized what the problem actually was. I have five cats and they all have really long hair. Apparently, the shedding of the cat hair this spring had totally gotten the best of the air filters in my A/C unit. The air filter was completely covered with and clogged up with five different kinds of cat hair! There was no air getting through those air vents at all, so it was no wonder that my air conditioning wasn’t working correctly.

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My mom used to take my brother’s A/C away

When we were growing up, my mom used to punish my brother in an unusual way.

She didn’t ground him from the TV or his phone or even the car.

Instead, whenever my brother got into trouble, my mom would take the window unit air conditioning system out of his bedroom for weeks at a time! During the hot summers in the town we lived in while we were growing up, that was the worst! He was always griping and complaining about the fact that she took his A/C unit away whenever it happened, but I would just smile and tell him that he should have known better than to get into trouble. That used to make him so mad when I would say that, because I was a goody little two shoes most of the time. I hardly ever got into trouble and so I never really had to worry about my mom taking my air conditioning unit out of my bedroom. My brother was always getting into trouble, though. During the summers whenever my mom would have his A/C unit in her closet because he was being punished, my brother would sneak into my room late at night so that he could sleep in the A/C. It used to drive me crazy and he would beg me not to tell our mom because it was against the rules for him to sleep in the air conditioning whenever he was grounded from his window unit A/C. Now that we’re grown up, we laugh about it. We tell my mom that she used to use cruel and unusual punishment on us.


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I think I’m going to reward my employees with zone control heating and air conditioning

One of the things that all of my employees complain about is the temperature in the office.

It seems like no one is ever happy and sometimes that gets to be really annoying.

Someone always thinks that it’s too hot and someone else always thinks that it’s too cold and I am just too busy most of the time to have to try and deal with all of the drama surrounding the thermostat settings in the office. Once in a while, I will try to assign the job of thermostat controller to someone in the office, but that always ends up blowing up in my face. Usually the whole place will end up with workplace drama and people being mad at each other all over the place. I think that sometimes working with adults in an office environment is just as bad as working with a bunch of spoiled children! But I do have to say that last year, even though it was a very difficult year, my employees all came through. They all made their quotas and we came out with a better bottom line last year than we do most years when there isn’t a pandemic going on around us. I decided to reward my employees by having our commercial HVAC company come in and install zone control heating and air conditioning throughout the entire office. I think that this will greatly boost morale and help my employees to feel like I listen to them and take their concerns seriously. I hope that they are all happy with the zone control heating and cooling system that I chose for the office.


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We had our ductwork professionally cleaned out

We had our ductwork and our entire ventilation system professionally cleaned out last year when so many people were shut down because of the coronavirus.

Not only was my husband freaked out because of the virus, but he also has terrible seasonal allergies to go along with that.

He was so scared about being unable to breathe correctly that he was calling up the heating and cooling company just about every day to see if they had any tips or tricks for him to try and improve the indoor air quality in our house. I told my husband that he was probably single-handedly keeping our local HVAC company in business the whole time that we were trying to self-isolate at home. It was like he almost became obsessed with the air quality in the house and with our heating and cooling system. He had never been like this before, so it was weird to see him behaving this way. I think all of the information and the fear mongering on the news just started to freak him out a little. Either way, we ended up getting our ductwork and heating and cooling vents professionally cleaned by the HVAC company. We also had them come out and install a brand new whole home air purification system for us to run in tandem with the furnace and the central air conditioning system. It’s a UV light air purification system, and so my husband feels much better about the air quality in our home now. I’m hoping that having all of this done will help him to calm down a little bit!



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The house smelled bad when we moved in

When we moved into our house last year, there were a lot of leftover lingering odors from the previous occupants.

The place smelled like a mixture of chicken grease and cigarette smoke, so it obviously wasn’t a very pleasant place to try and breathe! We thought that the place would air out after a few days of running the HVAC system and leaving the windows open at the same time, but we were sadly mistaken. Instead of making it smell better, it almost seemed to smell worse when we had the heating and cooling system going. It was like the smells just got stuck inside the ductwork and they kept going around and around in the house and unfortunately, in our noses. Finally, we decided that we were going to have to do something drastic about it because we couldn’t stand the smells any longer. We wanted to settle in and start enjoying our new home, but it just wasn’t happening with all of the yucky smells that we were dealing with. I guess there came a certain point that we knew we were going to have to do something about it and that’s when we called one of the local HVAC companies to see if there was anything that they could do to help. They suggested that we get our ductwork and air registers professionally cleaned out. They also said that we should look into getting a whole home air purification system installed to run at the same time as our heating and cooling system. They were right! The air purification system did the trick.

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Our heating system is in overdrive

There’s something going on with the heating system in our house and I can’t figure it out.

The heat turned on this morning and it’s been running ever since.

I have never had an issue with our furnace system before and so I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually an issue with the furnace or with the thermostat unit. Of course, I’m not exactly what you would call a handy sort of person, and I don’t know a thing about heating and cooling systems. I only know that since I can’t get the furnace to stop running, I am about to burn up in my own house. Even though it’s still pretty cold outside around here, I have the windows cracked in nearly every room of the house because the temperature is getting out of control inside. I know that this sounds like a crazy situation, and it really is. I have never had anything like this happen to me before in all my years of owning homes and using heating systems! Since it won’t stop running, the temperature inside the house is all the way up to 82 degrees, even though the thermostat settings are only at 71 degrees. I think that something is stuck somewhere, but I have no idea of how to figure out what the problem is. Even though the last thing I want to do is spend money on a heating and cooling company repair bill, I guess I’m going to have to give up and call them. As it is right now, I’m just heating up the entire outdoors and paying for it!

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We are in the middle of a garage renovation

We are right in the middle of turning our garage into a home gym.

My husband and I have gotten really serious about weight lifting over the past couple of years.

This isn’t something that I ever thought we would start doing, and then once we started, it’s like we became addicted to it or something. Now, we can’t wait to get to the gym every day, but it’s getting more and more difficult to make it there with our conflicting schedules. We decided that in order to try and save time and money, we would go ahead and try to make our own home gym in our house. The problem was that we didn’t really have the space for it in our house. We decided that we would redo the garage so that we could move the gym in out there. However, that was a problem because we had never set the garage up with a heating, cooling, and ventilation system. We had never really planned on putting anything out there except the car and the lawnmower, so there weren’t any heating ducts or A/C ducts in the garage. We knew that if we were going to be spending very much time working out in the garage, we were going to need to install some type of HVAC system so that we would be comfortable. We didn’t really want to have to run ductwork out there and so we talked to an HVAC technician about what our options were. He explained that our best bet would probably be to install something called a ductless mini split system. With a ductless mini split, you can have heating and cooling without having to worry about getting new ductwork.


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My husband doesn’t think that an A/C tune up is worth the money

He’s perfectly capable of doing the A/C tune up himself and probably doing a good job

My husband doesn’t think that getting an A/C tune up is really worth the money that I spend on it every year. I would have to disagree with him, but I’m one of those people who likes to do preventative maintenance. Each year whenever the weather outside starts heating up, I call up our local HVAC company and schedule an appointment for an air conditioning tune up. And then of course, every year, my husband gets mad whenever I get the bill from the HVAC company in the mail. He always rants and raves about the fact that the air conditioning tune up costs too much money and that he would be perfectly capable of working on the air conditioning himself. Now, I as if my husband, but I know for a fact that this man would never in a million years take it upon himself to get the central air conditioning tuned up and in working order before the summer comes. It’s not that he’s not a handy kind of guy. He’s perfectly capable of doing the A/C tune up himself and probably doing a good job. However, he’s really not the greatest at following through on things like that. If I waited around for him to do our air conditioning tune up, then it would be fall of the year again by the time he got around to taking a look at the air conditioning. It’s super annoying, and so each year I call to make the appointment with the HVAC company, much to my husband’s dismay!

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I’m dating the fireplace king

I sometimes wonder how I got into the position that I’m in at the moment.

I met this guy at the library a few months ago and we really seemed to hit it off. We have been dating now for three months, and I just now found out that he’s actually a pretty important guy around here in the HVAC business. I guess one of the reasons that he liked me in the first place was because I wasn’t even aware of his prominent position in the hierarchy of heating and cooling professionals in our area. He told me that a lot of the time, women want to date him because he owns so many fireplace and heating and cooling specialty stores. When he first told me this, I almost laughed because I thought he was joking. It was like he was telling me that he was boss in the mafia or something. Of course, back then I had no idea that the heating and cooling profession was quite so competitive in the part of the country where we live. It turns out that the HVAC companies around here are very serious about their customers and their profession. My boyfriend is considered to be the fireplace king around here, and he doesn’t take that title lightly. I can’t believe that I am dating someone who calls himself the fireplace king, but yet here I am. I have a weird life. I’m not sure if I want to stay involved with all of this, but at least I know that if I ever need a fireplace, he will have it covered.


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Last summer we had a strange funeral at our house

Last summer, we ended up having a very strange funeral back near the woods behind the burn pile.

When our old air conditioning unit finally died on us for the final time, we thought that we would just have the A/C unit hauled away by the trash guys.

However, my son just would not hear of this. He said that our old air conditioner was like a part of the family. He was correct in the fact that the A/C unit had been around for years longer than he had! As a matter of fact, this particular central air conditioning system was actually original to the house. They had installed it with the furnace system whenever the house was built, and that was almost thirty years before. I guess it’s true when they say that they don’t make things like they used to! That A/C lasted for at least a decade longer than it probably should have, honestly. So whenever it finally stopped working during one of the hottest parts of the summer, I was sad but I can’t say that I was surprised. I was getting ready to haul it out to the curb when I saw my son sitting next to it looking very sad. He told us that he wanted to pay it some respect since it had worked so hard for so long cooling our family off inside of our house. I could see his point, although I personally am not quite that sentimental about material things. We ended up having a funeral for the air conditioning unit.
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