What an air filter replacement schedule looks like

There is a need to change your HVAC system filters regularly to ensure it serves you better.

The AC or furnace is likely to work better when there is unrestricted airflow. This can only happen consistently if the filters are clean and unclogged. This means that you have to clean the filters as often as possible, especially if they are reusable. However, if the filters are not reusable, you need to change the filters regularly to improve airflow. Besides preventing the HVAC unit from overworking and, in turn, using up more energy and triggering high energy bills every month, a clean air filter guarantees fresh air and improves air quality. This way, everyone can enjoy a healthy life. This means that you have to come up with a schedule to change filters and replace them. But how frequently should this change happen? Well, this depends on the environment you are in. People living in dusty areas will need to be more careful and change their HVAC system filters more often than those living in less dusty areas. To be sure, though, contact the HVAC technician that carries out regular AC maintenance. They can assess the situation during the routine HVAC repair and tuneup session. Then, depending on the amount of dust that may have gathered over time, your HVAC professional can advise you accordingly. Typically, most people will change their filters every month. Ideally, this is a good enough time to swap an old filter for a new one but if the area is too dusty, consider changing it sooner. The bottom line is to know what works for your area and set a reminder to do the filter change on time.
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Budgeting for AC replacement this summer

Summers can be hot and unbearable with a good AC installed in your house.

The outdoor temperatures may be impossible to control, and the most you can do is hydrate and find shade whenever you can.

Fortunately, the same is not valid for indoor temperatures. Consider installing a new HVAC system in your house if you have none. You may also want to upgrade to a better system if the current one in your home is outdated and more than 15 years old. Budgeting for a new cooling system is therefore very crucial before summer. The chances are that the price of such HVAC units will explode once summer arrives. Consequently, start your research early enough. Check the different HVACbusiness premises and suppliers around your local area before going online for alternatives. It is advisable to start from where you are because these HVAC contractors and experts are likely to know what works best in the region. Consult with the HVAC professionals that will install the unit to know what is best suited for the space you want to regulate. Note that a wrongly sized air conditioning unit can quickly become a burden that costs you money. Prior research is needed before getting an HVAC unit. What’s more, choosing a good HVAC unit and planning for its cost is vital as it saves you a lot more down the line. Your selection may be costly the first time, but it will eventually make sense in the long run when you save on the monthly energy costs. Budget for it to be sure you are not wasting cash.



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Understanding the right frequency of cleaning air ducts

HVAC system maintenance is part and parcel of your air conditioning.

It is not realistic to install an expensive system and then neglect it.

This only leads to unending HVAC repairs that are, in turn, very expensive yet avoidable. Scheduling occasional tuneups and observing a few maintenance practices at home is one of the easiest ways of ensuring that you can enjoy the service offered by the HVAC system. Fortunately, most of the maintenance practices do not even require professional help from HVAC contractors. For instance, cleaning vents and other HVAC unit components are things that every homeowner can do. Duct cleaning, for example, can be something that makes a huge difference in your home. Whether you are moving into a new home and are done with the remodeling or just looking to keep the house cleaning, vent cleaning goes a long way. It can boost the quality of air in your home and also increase the efficiency of your system. Clogged vents tend to interfere with the airflow. This may lead to the system failing to deliver because it overworks and may even break down completely when ignored. The air quality also deteriorates when the vents remain uncleaned. No clean air gets to flow through the vents, thus causing a circulation of dirty air. Allergens and other harmful substances are also likely to increase and linger, thus contaminating the air in your space some more. The bottom line is to clean the vents and change filters as required regularly. Besides the weekly or monthly cleaning that you do on your own, ensure to schedule a professional HVAC maintenance schedule that allows professional HVAC maintenance specialists to clean and finetune the entire system.


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How to set the right temperature with cats and dogs as pets

If you have pets, you are one of those people who take a lot of caution when it comes to summer and winter.

  • Just as you want to stay comfortable during these seasons, you want to be sure that your pet is safe too.

Extreme weather conditions can be cruel and unforgiving to your pets. Fortunately, thanks to the HVAC systems available today, it is possible to keep your favorite friends comfortable and at the right temperature. Ideally, any setting from 75 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit would be ideal. If you are leaving the house, make sure to set it at no more than 80 to 82 degrees. Besides the heating and cooling, ensure that there is plenty of water to help keep the pets well hydrated. The idea is to ensure your pets are safe and comfortable no matter how long you are going to be away. In winter, set temperatures that keep them warm. Preferably, a temperature setting of between 69 to 72 is the most ideal. If you are going to be away, make sure it is no less than 60 degrees. The temperatures should be set a bit higher in case the animals are slightly younger than usual. Also, make sure the pets have a warm place to sleep and sunbathe whenever the temperatures increase. Basically has a system that supports comfortable temperatures. If your current thermostat does not allow you to enjoy this, consider having your HVAC technician install another one. Smart thermostats are even better because they can be adjusted remotely, especially if you have cameras inside the house and can monitor the behavior of your pets. It is always easy to tell when they are cold or hot.

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Ideal room temperature when you have a baby

Babies are great blessings to parents who expected to have them.

However, they come with many responsibilities and require parents to step up and take care of them.

What’s more, they are delicate, especially in their early life stages. Most babies will be demanding, and parents have to keep up with their needs to give them the best. One of the major requirements when dealing with babies is providing the correct temperatures. This can be a challenge if you live in an area with extreme temperatures in certain seasons. For such cases, having a good heating and cooling unit is advisable. Ensure to invest in a suitable HVAC unit to save some coins and ensure that your baby is in the best shape and health. Usually, the right temperature for a baby should be between 68 to 72 degrees F, or 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. This is often the recommended temperature that will not be too hot or too cold for the baby. Note that babies are likely to get sick when the temperatures are either extreme. In case you are unsure of what works best for your child, seek medical help. Once you know the ideal temperature for your baby, you can invite your HVAC technician to help you figure things out with the thermostats. If possible, install a new smart thermostat that gives you better freedom and convenience. This explains why nurseries are kept at specific temperatures. Ensure the baby’s room is warm and comfortable for your child to sleep peacefully and undisturbed. Note that when the baby is comfortable, you will also have an easy time.


How I sized the AC unit in my house

They then calculated and got some tonnage details that they would use when picking the suitable unit for my house

Size is a significant consideration when choosing a suitable HVAC unit. It determines whether you will use the air conditioner efficiently or if there will be a lot of wastage or strain on the gadget. Usually, the size of the unit should be parallel to the needs of your house. Depending on the amount of heating or cooling your house needs and the number of rooms or the total area expected to be regulated. Fortunately for me, I understood how the size of the AC determines the success of your HVAC unit. I was prepared to work with a competent HVAC technician to get the right measurements and determine which unit to buy from the HVAC business near us. I first hired the HVAC contractor that I had worked with before purchasing my new home. He came in with his team on the agreed date to carry out the measurements. I followed keenly as they took the length and width measurements of the rooms, and they needed to be cooled. This was important since I was not planning to have a cooling and heating system in the garage. After all, no one uses that side of the house, and if there will be a need, then I would consider having a portable unit later. They then calculated and got some tonnage details that they would use when picking the suitable unit for my house. The idea was to get a unit that would amply cool and eat my home, depending on the season. This would have been impossible for me to do without the professional experience from my season HVAC technician.
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Tips to automate your AC unit

Having a fully functioning AC that delivers the perfect temperature is a priority for most people.

All homeowners want to own a heating a cooling system that is efficient and energy-friendly.

Since you want the right temperature maintained in your house, you do not want it to come at an overbearing cost. As such, finding appropriate ways to have the unit serve you best and conveniently is advised. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to automate the HVAC system. This will allow your HVAC unit to adjust the temperature settings as required. You do not have to remember to manually set the unit when the weather conditions change or when someone is not in the house. Relying on human memory can be disappointing. One of the most effective ways to automate the system is to install a programmable thermostat. It may be a bit of an investment to install, but it saves you cash in the long run. All you need is to have your HVAC professional install it and direct you on using it. The good news with such a thermostat is that you can control it remotely, and you do not have to worry about getting home on time to adjust the thermostat setting. It is perfect for people who travel a lot and may forget to set the thermostat. You can also consider total home automation control, where you get to control most of the home appliances, including the HVAC system remotely. You may need a unique AI installed to help you manage this. It is an excellent option for people living in warm areas. Other automation options include intelligent mobile phone automation and remote control via a home app. Whatever you choose, make sure it makes your temperature control easier.

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Understanding ductless air conditioning

Ductless air conditioning has recently become one of the most popular air conditioning options for most people. It is convenient and easy to maintain, hence highly preferred by people who are not keen on regular HVAC maintenance. But what exactly is a ductless HVAC system and some of the critical things homeowners need to know about before spending their money acquiring it. Basically, a ductless unit operates without any ducts. It often includes an indoor and outdoor unit, refrigerant tubing, and a bit of electrical wiring. The indoor unit is often mounted strategically on a wall inside the house and is meant to deliver the required heating or cooling directly to the space inside the house. Units that only have the indoor unit are known as the single zone systems. On the other hand, those with an outdoor unit are known as a multi zone ductless system because it combines an outdoor unit and several indoor units. There are several types of ductless HVAC systems available in the market. Anyone considering installing this unit should contact a trusted HVAC contractor or seek advice from their HVAC technician on what would work best for them. Nonetheless, most of these systems are easy to install. They count as some of the most versatile heating and cooling systems. What’s more, they can work alongside other HVAC units such as a heat pump and AC, helping you save more on energy bills. However, there are several things you ought to consider before getting this unit. Fortunately, it is possible to get a customizable unit to install an aesthetically pleasing unit. Besides that, the outdoor unit can also be strategically placed to minimize noises.

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The cost of ductless air conditioning

Visit any HVAC business store, and you will discover numerous air conditioning options available in the market.

Most of these are affordable.

WHt one homeowner chooses may not be fit for another. Either way, the selection one settles for depends on their preference, size of the house, heating and cooling needs, and sometimes depends on cost. One of the major determinants, though, is the need. You need to know how much you are willing to spend on the HVAC system you choose. A popular HVAC choice in the market is ductless air conditioning. Understanding its cost makes it easier for you to decide on whether to purchase it or not. According to HVAC professionals, most mini-split ductless air conditioners will range from $1,000 to $8,500. The exact cost of such a system depends on several things, including whether or not it is an outdoor system or an indoor unit. It may also vary depending on the installation cost. Sometimes the unit’s capacity, in which case it may depend on whether it is a commercial or residential unit. It is advisable to work with a qualified professional who knows what to expect in terms of pricing in most cases. You are also advised to compare prices from different vendors, especially once you know the exact type of ductless air conditioning you need for your home or business premises. Most people miss out on discounts because they are not patient enough to compare prices or do a bit of research. Besides acquiring the new unit, consider the installation cost because it also affects the overall cost of acquisition.


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Why is tonnage important when trying to replace the AC

Choosing an HVAC unit involves considering several factors.

It is not the easiest thing to do because once you decide, you have to be sure it is suitable since a slight mistake can be a very costly one.

One of the things that often comes up when selecting a qualified air conditioning unit besides buying one is the tonnage. Usually, the higher the tonnage of the HVAC unit, the better its performance. Your cooling unit is more powerful if it has a higher tonnage. Most residential ACs have an average tonnage of 1.5 to 5 tons. However, commercial HVAC systems can be anything from 20 to 50 tons. The bottom line is always to check what tonnage the air conditioning unit you select has. In the end, a sound HVAC system has a reasonable tonnage that should be considered. If you are confused about the terms, discuss your options with the HVAC professional you work with. Fortunately, most HVAC business owners will have several ACs to pick from, and the chances are that you will find one that suits your current needs. Just make sure to get professional advice on the right unit since the size and home needs may also determine the right tonnage. It is also possible that the amount of tons in your HVAC system also affects the cost of the unit. Note that you cannot just decide on the amount of tonnage that works for your home’s HVAC unit. Professional HVAC contractors use a special tool to measure the requirements. A lot of heat calculations need to be done as the entire process is about a delicate balance.

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