Author: Jamal

I hope my a/c will work when it’s needed

I meant to call the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier last month. Before Summer began, I needed to have my a/c unit serviced. Even though my husband reminded me every day before he left for work, I forgot to make the iPhone call. I was about to make the iPhone call when the phone rang. […]

Do our neighbors have buggy heaters?

When I tell people that the majority of my neighbors are Amish, they assume I live in a quiet neighborhood, but they are mistaken. The sound of their rooster crowing in your backyard wakes you up. My husband has chased their calves out of my rose bushes and vegetable garden more times than I can […]

The constant heat was making me exhausted

I rarely get tired in the middle of the day, but I’ve been taking an afternoon nap for the last three mornings. I was certain it was the constant heat that was exhausting me. It was all I could do to stay awake when I got home from work. Before I felt like I could […]

We needed the heating system at night

Although May brings some hot mornings to our area, we frequently require the heating system at night. The sunsets, and there’s a noticeable chill in the air. I usually wrap blankets around myself and cocoon myself for the night, but my husband is the polar opposite. She sleeps with the blankets wrapped around his waist, […]

I didn’t tell you wintertime was over

My husband was eager for winter to end and summer to begin. When I got home last week, he had removed the window cooling systems from the basement, and there was an a/c unit in our kitchen, our daughter’s kitchen, and his workroom. When I got home, she was installing the a/c unit in the […]