Author: Jamal

What happened to the air conditioning?

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get much work done, since the heat was slowly climbing. When I started grad school, I moved out of the cramped apartment that I shared with three other roommates. I was soon going to finish law school, and I would need enough room to spread out […]

The bird quit singing.

My wife had what she called a Tweety-bird from the time she was a little girl. When one parakeet died, we would buy another one, because she loved the sound of the bird in the morning. Our most recent parakeet had only been with us for about a month, when it suddenly passed away. It […]

He forgot we needed a furnace.

We had to have our furniture delivered and installed For the last year, we had been watching the construction on our home as it progressed. We were finally seeing it go from frame, to a finished product. The only thing left to be done, was get our HVAC system and have it installed. I was […]

I was on a deserted island.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just want to escape reality. Last week, I imagined I was on a deserted island. There was nothing on the island but me, the trees, and endless miles of beaches where I could fish and sunbathe. I know that wasn’t a very grown-up thing to do, however […]