Author: Jamal

What an air filter replacement schedule looks like

There is a need to change your HVAC system filters regularly to ensure it serves you better. The AC or furnace is likely to work better when there is unrestricted airflow. This can only happen consistently if the filters are clean and unclogged. This means that you have to clean the filters as often as […]

Budgeting for AC replacement this summer

Summers can be hot and unbearable with a good AC installed in your house. The outdoor temperatures may be impossible to control, and the most you can do is hydrate and find shade whenever you can. Fortunately, the same is not valid for indoor temperatures. Consider installing a new HVAC system in your house if […]

Understanding the right frequency of cleaning air ducts

HVAC system maintenance is part and parcel of your air conditioning. It is not realistic to install an expensive system and then neglect it. This only leads to unending HVAC repairs that are, in turn, very expensive yet avoidable. Scheduling occasional tuneups and observing a few maintenance practices at home is one of the easiest […]

Ideal room temperature when you have a baby

Babies are great blessings to parents who expected to have them. However, they come with many responsibilities and require parents to step up and take care of them. What’s more, they are delicate, especially in their early life stages. Most babies will be demanding, and parents have to keep up with their needs to give […]

How I sized the AC unit in my house

They then calculated and got some tonnage details that they would use when picking the suitable unit for my house Size is a significant consideration when choosing a suitable HVAC unit. It determines whether you will use the air conditioner efficiently or if there will be a lot of wastage or strain on the gadget. […]

Tips to automate your AC unit

Having a fully functioning AC that delivers the perfect temperature is a priority for most people. All homeowners want to own a heating a cooling system that is efficient and energy-friendly. Since you want the right temperature maintained in your house, you do not want it to come at an overbearing cost. As such, finding […]

Understanding ductless air conditioning

Ductless air conditioning has recently become one of the most popular air conditioning options for most people. It is convenient and easy to maintain, hence highly preferred by people who are not keen on regular HVAC maintenance. But what exactly is a ductless HVAC system and some of the critical things homeowners need to know […]

The cost of ductless air conditioning

Visit any HVAC business store, and you will discover numerous air conditioning options available in the market. Most of these are affordable. WHt one homeowner chooses may not be fit for another. Either way, the selection one settles for depends on their preference, size of the house, heating and cooling needs, and sometimes depends on […]