Should I Invest in Advanced HVAC Plan

I’ve always heard about HVAC memberships that include wonderful discounts on HVAC maintenance.

I’ve never considered joining one of the annual HVAC memberships because I didn’t think I could benefit from it.

Back when I first heard about the annual memberships, my HVAC system was fairly new and it didn’t give me any trouble. I had no problem paying for an HVAC professional to come service the furnace or air conditioner twice per year. However, now that my HVAC system is older and not running as efficiently as it once did, I’m more inclined to join an annual HVAC maintenance plan. I found a company online that offered an advanced HVAC maintenance plan, which includes 100% parts and labor fees. It’s a hefty membership fee, but if you’re someone like me who is anticipating a lot of problems running their HVAC system, then it could be worth it! The advanced HVAC maintenance plan also included free air filters, which was a nice bonus. I was having a hard time deciding if the advanced HVAC maintenance plan was for me, so I spoke with a trusted HVAC professional about it. I told him the specifics about my HVAC system and how I was concerned about the furnace and AC system making it through the extreme temperatures. After looking at my HVAC system in depth, he said the advanced program was nice, but he didn’t think I’d get my money’s worth. Instead, he suggested doing the basic maintenance plan for a year.



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I Had a One Year Warranty To Cover HVAC System

During the negotiation phase of purchasing my current house, I came away with a one year home warranty.

When the seller suggested the warranty, I overlooked it and thought it would be useless.

However, my realtor suggested that I seriously consider the warranty because it would cover anything from electrical work, plumbing, and heat or air issues. The house was old, and there was no telling what I would find as I began replacing things. I decided to accept the home warranty just in case anything happened. A few months after moving in, the AC system started acting odd. The air was lukewarm coming from the air vents and my house wasn’t feeling cool or comfortable. It was a really old AC system, so I wasn’t surprised that it was giving me problems this soon. Before calling an HVAC professional though, I checked with my home warranty program and hired an HVAC professional through the warranty. Everything would be covered, but I had to pay the HVAC professional to come out to the house. I was bummed that I had to pay a trip charge, but after the HVAC professional told me all the things that needed to be repaired with the AC system, I was thankful for the home warranty. I only had to pay $100 for the HVAC professional to come to my house. Everything else was included. I’m really glad my realtor convinced me to accept the home warranty before I purchased the house from the seller.


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HVAC Maintenance Plan Seems Nice

I’ve been having my HVAC system serviced by a certified HVAC professional for several years now.

I work with the same HVAC company and they always send someone to my house twice per year.

Recently, one of the HVAC technicians that came to service my HVAC system told me about the company comfort club. The comfort club was an annual membership that specialized in maintaining a home’s HVAC system. If I decided to join the comfort club, I paid a one time annual fee and it came with a list of benefits. The membership included two HVAC tuneups, a discount on all parts, priority service, and no trip charges. I always struggled to get an appointment with the HVAC company whenever I called because everyone else was also having their HVAC system serviced too. Sometimes, I have to wait weeks to get an HVAC professional out to my house and I always worry that something is going to malfunction. Having priority access to the schedule would be huge for me! I also considered the age of my HVAC system. It’s 9 years old, which means that I can expect things to start breaking down. Knowing that I would not only have priority access, but also have a discount on all the repairs along with no trip charges, I felt really inclined to sign up for the comfort plan. I wanted to make sure that my HVAC system was in good hands and that I was saving as much money as I could.



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A Smart Thermostat Was Recommended

I had no idea that smart thermostats were so good at keeping an HVAC system running efficiently

I’ve been searching for a new thermostat. The HVAC professional who installed my brand new AC system recommended that I upgrade the thermostat as well. I thought he was simply trying to upsell me and get me to purchase something that I didn’t need. However, once he left, I started researching smart thermostats and what they could offer me. I had no idea that smart thermostats had so many amazing benefits. I assumed they were only sleeker and more modern, but they had the same features of a traditional thermostat. However, I learned that smart thermostats could connect to the wifi, which then connected to cell phones. Once the application was downloaded onto the phone, you could access the thermostat settings. From there, you could change the temperature, flip between the furnace and AC, and even look at how well the HVAC system was running. Smart thermostats kept the HVAC system running efficiently, and it alerted homeowners when there was a problem that needed attention. I also read that smart thermostats had geo tracking. When your car left a certain radius, it programmed the temperature to run more efficiently since you wouldn’t be at home. The smart thermostat would also program itself when you entered within radius. I had no idea that smart thermostats were so good at keeping an HVAC system running efficiently. I guess the HVAC professional really knew what he was talking about when he suggested I purchase one. It would be a great addition to my brand new AC system.

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It was the warmest winter with HVAC heating savings as well

What my neighbor taught me about my house made all the difference.

Had I known about this when I first moved north, I would have saved a great deal of money on heating bills.

However, I’m not going to second guess my efforts given that I was sort of just flying by the seat of my pants. We moved up here 3 years ago and we just finished our third winter. These winters will really, really get a person’s attention. And if that person grew up in the south where winter meant having the heat pump come on a handful of time, it’s more like shocking. At least that’s the way it was for me. My wife grew up with winters like this and her house had a gas furnace when she was growing up. Still, she wasn’t much help when it came to figuring out how to deal with heating our home when we first got here. All I knew was to keep turning the HVAC thermostat up. That was my extent of knowledge when it came to heating a house in a really cold winter. But that is just not the smart way to do it as I learned fairly quickly. It was as though I had to decide between having money in the checking account or being cold. Too often I chose paying too much to have the gas furnace run day and night. However, my neighbor helped me solve all of that. He taught me just how to prepare my house for winter. This kind man showed me how to seal up my house as tight as possible to maximize the efficiency of the gas furnace. And I’m happy to report that this past winter was the coziest one we’ve had yet. Plus, I saved nearly 20 percent in heating costs through the winter.


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Through with deliberating over HVAC

It’s been almost a year since the HVAC technician suggested that we begin to consider replacing the HVAC equipment.

And still, I haven’t been able to make a decision on which way to go.

This yet another reason I wish I was married still. It’s these kind of decisions that would be so much easier to make with a partner. However, it’s just me now and I have to decide what’s best for this house. On the one hand, I would like to go with the same sort of central air conditioning method that I’m accustomed to having. However, that is going to be a big deal. Not only does the HVAC equipment have to be replaced, the ductwork system is shot as well. That means all the ductwork will have to be ripped out and replaced. This is a big deal as there will be a lot of work and expense to do this. And it will be chaotic in my house for a while. I could also forget about replacing the ruined ductwork and go with a different sort of HVAC technology. The ductless heat pump is a way I could go as well. Actually, it would be the ductless multi split system that would be installed. This is basically an array of ductless heat pumps in my house that work in concert to provide quality heating and air. This would allow for less expense and the installation would be a breeze compared to the other option. I’m leaning toward the ductless heat pump option. Yet, I’m still wavering as the old HVAC equipment is close to faltering. A decision on my HVAC replacement has to be made soon.

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Unique, sustainable living still has room for quality HVAC

It might have something to do with the way I was raised.

My parents were what some might call old hippies.

While that is quite a stereotypical description, it’s one that seems to resonate whenever I try to explain how my folks are. My brother and I were raised on a plot of land in a home that had no modern residential HVAC. We had a wood stove for heating during the winter and there were only fans during the summer. However, we lived in a region where doing without air conditioning wasn’t all that terrible. That can’t be said for the region I live in now. I tried to do without air conditioning but it was a brutally hot experience that I won’t repeat. Having been raised like I was, I sort of have an ingrained leaning toward nature and sustainability. This is why I live well out of any sort of population center on land the would be probably considered wild. My house is small as it’s just me and my wife. And we have a solar array that provides all the electricity we need to power our lives. Like my parents, I too have a wood stove for heating. But our winters are fairly mild. Unlike my parents, I have modern HVAC technology inside my house. Like I stated earlier, living through our summer without HVAC cooling is more that I could take. So we have a ductless mini split in our home that provides wonderfully cooling air all summer. Just being able to go to sleep at night with that cooling comfort from the ductless heat pump makes all the difference.

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Complete renovation includes a new approach to HVAC

I’m actually sort of starting a business of my own.

Well, I guess it’s more of investments that also provide a nice revenue stream outside of my salary.

Having a couple of kids to put through college will motivate a person to getting creative about creating additional revenue. So I bought a couple of houses cheap to fix and rent. That means all new HVAC, kitchen, flooring and some plumbing and electrical work. I’m able to do the basic plumbing and electrical work. However the HVAC was something that I needed an HVAC professional to do. The HVAC company I’m working with is great and they do my HVAC service plan as a matter of fact. Right away, it was evident that we would have to gut the entire HVAC unit. And not just the HVAC equipment. The ductwork in both places was completely shot as well. I had done some research on ductless heat pumps for a few years. I really like the price and the fact that they were so efficient really was a big selling point for me. I wanted my renters to have good, reliable heating and cooling that wasn’t going to cost them a fortune in heating and cooling costs. I also like the fact that I didn’t have the cost of running a ductwork system through two houses. That was such a savings in itself that I was super glad that I finally had something happen to get me of my duff and get the ductwork cleaning done. All it took was seeing filth fall from my ceiling to make pick up the phone and call the HVAC.



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Professional HVAC attention for air ducts saves in the long run

When I saw a bit of dust ball float down from the air duct vent, I was quite curious.

Examining it, I noted that it was indeed a sort of grimey hunk of dust.

The fact that it came out of the HVAC duct was a bit more alarming. However, it was just the sort of kick in the pants that I needed in order to pull the trigger on ductwork cleaning. I had put off getting the air ducts cleaned for a very long time. It wasn’t anything more than an out of sight out mind sort of thing really. I knew that the HVAC air ducts needed to be cleaned, it’s just that I never actually got around to calling the HVAC company to get the thing done. But a hunk of dust and yick falling out of the air duct vent will help you pick up a phone. When the HVAC crew came out they were so careful to not mess up the house as they went about the ductwork cleaning. I didn’t realize though that the big part of the job was the ductwork resealing. And I also didn’t know that ductwork resealing can add an average of 25 percent more efficiency to overall HVAC output. This was a very happy surprise and now I feel like a total genius for having witnessed the dust ball that started it all. It’s so nice to have the air ducts squeaky clean and even better knowing that I’ll be seeing some real saving on the HVAC cooling this summer.

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Got cleaner air without too much fuss or cost

This cost me a bit more but I think I can spring for a few bucks extra a month in order to have quality indoor air.

I love my house but I could use a little time away. Having spent the past year inside the air conditioning of my home with little choice to go anywhere, I’m ready for some distance. And when the offices finally opened back up, I was raring to get back to my desk. And it wasn’t just because of the zone controlled HVAC in our offices. For sure, that is so much better and more comfortable than working in the air conditioning of home. But it was also nice to dress professionally again and gather with my colleagues. As big a pain as some of them can be, it’s more fun and productive when we are physically working together. But I have to say that just a full couple of days away from my house revealed an ugly truth. The indoor air quality in my home left something to be desired. In lieu of a full on air purifier, I took a different approach. It was still an immediate and proactive approach nonetheless. I tossed the cheap, paper HVAC air filters and replaced them with a HEPA air filters. This cost me a bit more but I think I can spring for a few bucks extra a month in order to have quality indoor air. And I noticed the difference in the air as quickly as just a few days. I’m breathing better and I notice that my ongoing sinus issue sort of just went away after a few weeks. So going with HEPA filter is for sure worth every penny.


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