Whole house air purifier deliver fresher, healthier air

Then we turned to the HVAC people for help.

Who doesn’t want healthier, fresher air coming from their HVAC? I know it has been a dream of ours for some time now. However, it didn’t become a reality until just a few weeks ago. It all started when we moved to the region we are in now. This is an area where the heat is a big deal most of the year. The HVAC cooling is on, to some degree, like 9 or 10 months of the year. Where we came from, this wasn’t the case. We learned fairly quick that with all that HVAC cooling, it was imperative to have a really tight house. Sealing up the house helps maintain an efficient HVAC. And a most efficient HVAC means the bill for cooling the house isn’t as high. With what the utility costs being what they are, that is a must for us. The downside of this is the fact that we no longer get those days where you can just open a window or door for the fresh air. Coming from a region where that was the norm, we noticed right away that our indoor air was much more stale. And the pet and cooking odors were just hanging around the house. We definitely tried all the deodorizing products. But nothing really worked. Then we turned to the HVAC people for help. That’s when we learned about the whole house air purifier. However, we had to wait and save up to afford getting it installed. Well, it was worth the wait because the house smells incredible and we are all breathing a lot easier as well.



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