Signing up was impossible

My local HVAC company had a great deal on one of their HVAC service plans.

  • I of course wanted to sign up and buy into their HVAC service plan for a year to see how well it worked out for me.

However, the way to sign up for this HVAC service plan was through a link online. The link that the HVAC company provided was not working right! Every time I tried to go to the website and sign up for the HVAC service plan using the link provided it would give me errors and I could not make it past the first page! I was getting very frustrated with this and decided to call the heating and air conditioning company on the phone personally and tell them what was going on with the link provided. I figured they could just sign me up and take my payment over the phone and be done with it. But no it didn’t work out that way! They said the only way I could get their HVAC service plan was to sign up and pay for it online with the link provided. I got so fed up with this that I decided to not sign up and they just lost business for being a bunch of idiots. I then looked around and found one of their competing heating and air conditioning companies selling a great HVAC service plan and I went with them. I didn’t have to do it online. I called back the other heat and a/c company and told them how their stupid online only link provided junk just cost them a customer!

Cooling expert