My sister and I are too similar

My sister and I have regularly been eerily similar, so much so, that our mother likes to joke that all of us are secretly twins; We are not, as our sister is older than myself and others by 3 years; Even still, our sister and I are similar on pretty much everything, whether it be looks, interests and even personality.

We both have green eyeah and short medium brown hair, the only difference truly is that she is more muscular and I am lean, and that she is a couple inches taller than me! Our interests are virtually the same, which is video games and activitys.

Probably one of our weirdest similarities though, is the Heating and A/C system, all of us didn’t discover this though until all of us moved out. When all of us had moved out for the first time, all of us were discussing who would pay the bills, do the household chores and whatnot, when the topic of Heating and A/C came up. We both agreed that 72 degrees is a wonderful temperature, and that all of us would take turns taking care of the heating and cooling unit, however i would go ahead and take care of adjusting the air conditioning filter out, however next time she would be the one scheduling for a Heating and A/C tech to come out for Heating and A/C repair… Since then, we’ve haven’t had any fights or anything over the Heating and A/C device, and after that, then all of us will transport on to Heating and A/C duct cleaning and so on. In fact, all of us have been discussing getting a new air conditioning model, and all of us have already agreed on a few. I enjoy the fact that our sister and I are so similar, it makes making decisions so much easier.


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