My office is always so cold

I guess you could say that I’m a bit of an different a single out. It is truly usual for numerous people to do not like their jobs, however I am truly excited with my job. I appreciate doing what I do, my coworkers are friendly, as well as my boss is a good guy, the only real downside is how chilly it always is in the office. I try not to ask questions about it, but the control component is normally set to 60 degrees! When I did ask a coworker of mine if she knew the reason the a/c was always on as well as why it was so cold, she informed myself and others that our boss has some oddly particular temperature preferences as well as he loves the arena cold… Well he may prefer living in freezer land, however I but do not. I started bringing a sweater with me. When I got a glimpse at the Heating as well as A/C unit, it all became clear how entirely it is so chilly in the room. It wasn’t just any Heating as well as A/C unit, it was a single of those immense commercial Heating as well as A/C units. It made more sense now however I still don’t look at the cool air escaping from the air vent as well as giving myself and others goosebumps, to my misluck the air vent is right above myself and others as well as so even with a sweater it can still be a bit on the cold side. It doesn’t help that the air conditioning is so powerful, sometimes I believe prefer it could just blow myself and others away! As much of a pain having the chilly air can be, I still like my job, it particularly is a good arena to work, as well as my life would be pretty different separate from it. I will just have to continue to dress warmly.
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