I found the reason why I couldn't sleep

I have a lot of learning to do on sleep apparently. A lot of people would ask, what learning is there when it comes to sleeping? You lay down in a bed and fall asleep. If only it were that simple. My entire life I’ve had nothing but issues when it comes to sleeping. One of my issues is that I have to have certain requirements for me to go to sleep. Like it must be dark in my room, but not too dark, there needs to be a small light source. I also need some source of sound as well, like a fan. I also need to lay in a bed, not a couch, not on the floor, nothing else, otherwise I won’t be able to go to sleep. Last, I need a pillow and a cover to go to sleep, otherwise my body won’t realize it’s time to go to sleep, and the cover needs to cover my feet, or I won’t be able to go to sleep as well. On top of all that, I also have sleep apnea, so I have plenty of breathing issues in the middle of the night. While I knew all of this, I never took time to properly educate myself on how to sleep better, but that has changed as of recently. I found out that my HVAC unit could actually impact how I sleep at night. I actually recently changed my HVAC system, and my sleep has gotten worse. As soon as I changed my A/C back the way it was, I was able to sleep slightly better each night. I now keep my cooling unit on most of the night, as it helps me go to sleep, and not wake up from being too hot.


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