Getting careless

And I still may do this, but not right now.

Occasionally I could just kill our teenagers let me tell you! But I am sure all you parents out there are just the same. Of course we would never hurt our children, however all of us love them dearly, but they do things that are just honestly annoying plus sometimes careless. My teenagers enjoy to play basketball in our backyard. And from them tossing that ball around for a long time, they ended up finally doing some disfigure, but they put a pretty crucial dent into our central heating plus air conditioner! Thankfully the central heating plus air conditioner is not broken, it just doesn’t look too nice anymore. The dent looks enjoy a cement hit it, i had thought about calling the local heating plus air conditioner business to send someone out to see if they could repair the dent if it didn’t cost too much. And I still may do this, but not right now. I don’t have the spare few hundred bucks for an HVAC repair call at the moment, and especially when it is for something that isn’t affecting our central heat plus cooling system unit. But 1 thing I can tell you for sure, plus that is our teenagers are now forbidden to play basketball in the backyard! If they want to play basketball, they can set up their hoop in the driveway enjoy all the other teenagers do. But lord help them if they break a window or something next! I think I scared them enough about the dent in our central heating plus air conditioner that they will be a little more careful. At least I hope so!

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