Camping is always a lot of fun, even in the winter

Camping is one of my favorite activities. My friends and I always have a lot of fun when we go to the woods. We have a special spot on the side of the mountain where the trees are cleared and there is a small cave. It is the perfect place to put our tents. I have a small two-man tent, but my friends have a larger tent. I don’t mind the small tent, because it keeps all of the heat close to me. In the winter, a small tent comes in handy. My friends wanted to go camping at the end of October this year. I was a little hesitant because of the temperatures. I did not want to spend the evening freezing and I knew we would not have any electricity for a heater. As the time became closer and closer, I started to worry about the outdoor temperatures. The temperature was forecasted to be in the low 40s at night. I went to the sporting goods store to see if I could find a small heater that runs on batteries. I had to visit three different sporting goods stores before I found something that would work. The small space heater was $50, but I decided to buy the machine. Even when the outdoor temperatures are cold and frigid, it is still nice to spend time in the woods. The small space heater provided a lot of warm air and heat, especially in my tiny tent big enough for one person. Now that I have the heater, I won’t mind if someone suggests camping in the cold.

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