An out of place store

Just last week I moved to a new city and I was very busy setting up supplies. Because I was new to the area I wasn’t very familiar with all of the normal shopping centers, I was trying to find a grocery store near me and I had a neighbor tell me there was one just down the street. While looking for what was described as a huge store I had taken a shortcut through the woods and when I had reached the other side I came upon the strangest sight, a huge hill with a single small shop sitting right on top. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check it out. I made the steep climb up the hill and saw the store was open, as I wandered inside there were no lights or lamps, only candles burning. I was greeted by someone inside and I stopped to take a look at all of the items on the shelves. It looked like somebody’s garage sale with mixed items for everything all over the place. I came across something I hadn’t expected to see in a place like this, a small window air conditioning. I was excited because I had been needing an additional air conditioner. I had been wanting a backup in case anything were to happen to the main HVAC unit at my house. I had an excellent heating and cooling system back at home, but I thought about using this window a/c for the shed. I liked to do work out there and would appreciate a nice and cool breeze.


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