The holidays are so much better with an HVAC unit

The holidays are so much better with an HVAC unit. While this may seem like an obvious observation, take a moment to think about how the holidays would be without an HVAC unit. On thanksgiving day, when everyone is gathered around the table, imagine what it would be like if there was no furnace in your home, or no air conditioner. The house would quickly either become really cold due to the outside weather leaving in, or the temperature would rise too high from all the people in the house and everyone would wish that there was an air conditioner. Even worse would be Christmas without a furnace or hot water boiler heating system. The house would be frosty and the temperature would be freezing. My family had first hand experience of Christmas without any furnace or boiler system to keep us warm. I remember waking up on Christmas morning freezing cold. I went down stairs and checked the smart thermostat and it read 59 degrees! I woke up my dad and he came down and checked the smart thermostat and tried to turn the furnace on, but it wouldn’t work. He went down into the basement to see if he could get the furnace to work, but after working on it for an entire hour, he gave up and called the HVAC company. Obviously, they didn’t have any HVAC technicians to come help us on Christmas day, so my dad had to bring our little fireplace into the house so we didn’t freeze on Christmas. The very next day an HVAC technician came and fixed our furnace for us.



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