Author: Jamal

I Am Sensitive to Noises

I avoided installing an AC at my place for the longest time because I felt they are just too noisy. While some people find the on/off rhythm of an a/c soothing, I would not say I liked it at all. I lived in a section where the outdoor temperatures were easy to manage, and that […]

HVAC Works Best with Regular Maintenance

Hiring an Heating and A/C professional half the months of the year may not be a sustainable way to make sure your a/c works right. What’s more, you only need professional maintenance just once or twice a year, preferably before Winter time and summer. Usually, it helps check and test the heating or cooling device […]

A/C Helps me Get Good Indoor Air Quality

When I first moved into our current house, I discovered that it always felt as if there was excess moisture. I didn’t have any wet clothes in the home yet struggled with mold on the closet wall and a weird damp smell. I contemplated moving out, but this was not a viable idea at the […]

HVAC Dehumidifiers Need to be Replaced

For a long time, I noticed that our big brother’s home had this peeling going on on the ceiling. I saw that the case of his ceilings peeling kept happening over and over no matter how much he scraped and repainted. This had gone on for years, and every time I visited, I could notice […]

Southern Summers Mean Kids Need Time to Cool Off

I gave him sips of water and turned up our air conditioner, making sure he was close to the fan. Children are especially susceptible to getting overheated while outside and can truly suffer from heat exhaustion. When they get too hot, these young 1s can exhibit multiple symptoms that are easy to overlook if you […]

My Mama’s Room A/C Needed Repair

Visiting my mama at the aged home was consistently fun because mama longed to see us without fail. Sadly, mama’s condition got worse with each visit because mama could not necessarily remember things, and it was distraught to think that my mama would 1 day forget who her kids are; But before it got to […]

Insulation is a Helping Hand

One of the easiest ways not to overwork your Heating and A/C device is to have good insulation. Insulation ensures that the home is protected during extreme weather conditions! You are less likely to suffer from the heat of Summer with proper insulation than when your home lacks insulation. On a similar note, winters will […]

Wall Oil furnaces Might be Perfect for You

Different people seek to find the perfect Heating and A/C systems for their houses… Knowing that your home will be nice and cozy enough during Winter time or breezy enough during Summer is 1 of the homeowner’s most important desires; Unfortunately, this decision is not as straightforward as multiple assume, it is not as much […]