Author: Jamal

Doing emergency HVAC repairs on Christmas

I have two young children, so you see how Christmas afternoon is a large deal around our home. However, it also presents a huge problem for me. For the last more than two years I have had to labor on Christmas Eve plus Christmas Day. I never want to ruin the Christmas experience by not […]

A portable furnace to use in the garage

I suppose I’m a real jerk for making our buddy sleep out in the garage, however it was the only way to restore a sense of normalcy to our home. I have a buddy named Sam, who was recently kicked out of his home by his fiance. There is no chance she will take Sam […]

Valentine’s Day is busy for HVAC workers

First off, lots of folks go out for a costly dinner on Valentines, so the restaurants need to ensure their climate control is working perfectly. Much to our surprise, Valentine’s Day is always slammed at our job. My fiance Lonnie plus I now celebrate V-Day the weekend before the afternoon itself, because we know once […]

Tips for protecting your collection with superior air quality

Comic books can be an expensive business. Take it from me, I’m a professional appraiser with a specialty in determining the worth of old comic books plus collectables! Collectables is a euphemism for “old action figures” which can also become unquestionably costly. I am employed by an insurance dealership, plus when someone needs to insure […]

Doing A/C gigs under the radar

I don’t want to bore you with too long of a backstory about this, although I want you to understand how I came to be an outlaw Heating as well as A/C pro. I used to work for a local business for the last 4 or five years, plus I had developed a wonderful reputation […]