The furnace didn't keep us warm

My wife and I always wanted to visit the mountains and see snow.

Both of us grew up in a tiny town on the bayou.

Most of our life was filled with warm water, alligators, and swimming in the lake. We never had to worry about the cold air and we never saw any snow when we were growing up. When we set a date to get married, we decided to plan our honeymoon for a snowy, mountainous destination. We got married in the middle of October and it was not difficult to find a place where there was already some snow on the ground. My wife and I went to a well-known ski resort and stayed in a private chalet. We spent as much time on the slopes as we did in the room. The amenities were really nice. We had a king-size bed and a jetted tub. We also had room service and in room couples massages. The only problem we had was the furnace. We had the heat set to 75 degrees, but the furnace didn’t seem to keep us warm. The air coming out of the ductwork was a cool temperature instead of hot. We could have complained about the furnace and switched rooms, but we had the best view in the whole group of chalets. We could see all of the back side of the double diamond trail and the view was spectacular. My wife and I didn’t focus on the furnace problems and we found other ways to keep each other warm during our five-day honeymoon in the mountains.



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