The apartment I moved into from the start had bad HVAC

While I never expected my apartment to be perfect, I expected at least decent.

When I first moved out from my parent’s house, I didn’t really have many options with a limited budget.

It was either a really crappy rental, or a really crappy apartment. I decided to go for the apartment, since it was the closest to my job. Anyways, right from the start I knew I wasn’t going to like this place, but I had already signed the lease, so it was too late. My landlord seemed incredibly distant and uninterested, and whenever I would have a problem and I would call and ask him, it was always one word responses. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him anything more than two words in a sentence. One of the main issues I really seemed to have was involving my heating and cooling system. Everyday it would pour out the same old warm air, not cool air, warm air. Now I am not an expert when it comes to HVAC devices, but I believe that has to with replacing the refrigerant. I called the landlord and explained what the issue was, and to send out a HVAC specialist. He said okay, but never told me an estimated time. When a month passed by, I figured I was getting my A/C repaired. 2 months later, I got a HVAC specialist at my door. Finally then my air conditioner was fixed for another 3 weeks, before it broke again. I can already tell this is going to be an ongoing battle.
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