My mom is going to transport in with us next week

My mom has decided that he is going to transport in with us next week, however I don’t guess if it’s the best system that we’ve ever had.

I mean, I do want to help his out, of course.

She just had knee surgery plus he needs a little bit of help until she’s up plus going on his own again… Plus, the two of us have a ranch type beach house so he won’t have to worry about climbing the stairs while she’s here. Well, there’s only a single real problem that I can foresee about having my mom living here for the next year or so. The problem is that my mom is frosty literally all the time plus he hates using the air conditioner. She barely ever uses the central cooling system that he has in his house, plus his cooling bills are basically non-existent during the summertime… At our house, by stark contrast, it is regularly frosty, then my husband plus I are absolutely sizzling natured plus the two of us love running the air conditioner, but during the summer, our cooling bills are through the roof. I don’t guess how that’s going to go with my mom living here under the same roof. I’m afraid that she’s going to be super frosty plus agitated, however I also guess that my husband plus I are not going to be able to live without cooling system for any length of time, either. There’s just no way that the two of us are going to be able to live through the summer time without our beloved central air conditioner going almost all the time.

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