My a/c helps me get a relaxing night's rest

I don’t suppose what I would do separate from my cooling system… This thing has been a life saver for me, a game changer! I suffer from insomnia & I have tried everything to help get me to go to sleep & stay asleep.

It is actually pressing that I get a relaxing night’s rest because I labor a dangerous task in the construction industry & I actually cannot be separate from sleep if I am to do my task safely.

I had tried everything to help get myself to fall asleep & stay asleep! Everything from insomnia cookies, to medications, listening to soothing sleep sounds such as rain & just nothing seemed to work, and but if there is 1 thing I have l earned along the way it is that periodically solutions present themselves in weird sites. This was the case with me, however my a/c was getting old, & so instead of purchasing a large Heating & A/C unit for my heating & cooling needs, I decided to purchase a much smaller zone controlled Heating & A/C. I actually liked the freedom zone control gave me, & I used mine kind of love a window cooling system, I would put it near my bed at night & let the cool air relax me. This heating & cooling system unit gave me a much better breeze than a fan ever could, & I’m not sure what it is about it, despite the fact that I find it so soothing & I can really get some sleep at night. I can’t imagine living separate from it now, it has been so helpful & it may have just saved my life.



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