Morning dew plus the air quality

Morning dew in the Wintertide plus fall times of the year can be a real drag for me.

That morning dew that ends up on everything consistently seems to make the pollen irritations in the air quality come out full force. This honestly messes our entire day up! I have bad pollen irritations that cause me to have dry cough plus sneezes. I finally had enough of this plus figured out a way to ease the pollen irritations quite a bit. This was through getting myself a portable whole-house air purifier to put in our entryway; When I wake up is when I usually have the concerns. But since I have had the portable whole-house air purifier I have not had this as much, then sure, I still have a little bit of the pollen irritations, but they are not half as bad thanks to the portable whole-house air purifier. I had thought about maybe getting a whole home whole-house air purifier but that is a bit too much of a money investment for me at this point in time. So for now, the portable whole-house air purifier will have to do me fantastic at this point. I found that if I point the portable whole-house air purifier directly at our bed where I am sleeping I will have no pollen irritations in the morning from the dew plus the air quality. This was something I just figured out the other week. Who knew that something enjoy the morning dew could very set off our pollen irritations plus mess up the air quality all around me?


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