I love having a great maid service

There is for sure an element of my childhood that has stayed with me all of these years.

And it’s not one that would be one to the more prominent things from that period.

It has to do with the fact that our cleaning lady was someone who I deeply loved. She showed me a type of love and affection that wouldn’t have otherwise been there. This is not some victim statement. I turned out fine. But the truth is my parents were often far to busy to shower me with any sort of attention. It’s just the way it was. There were several maid for hire ladies that worked for my mother. Yet, there was only one that she simply wouldn’t have fired. And that was because I loved her so much. While she did all the carpet cleaning, floor maintenance and all of that, she also took time for me. I think my mother knew this and found it to be a valuable things. I know it was for me. That’s why it’s really quite ironic that I am in a positon to hire my own cleaning lady. I have been the maid for hire around here since I got married and we started a family. However, there is just more than I can handle with a full time career and a very busy family. I just needed some help plain and simple. What I love about this situation is the fact that I hired such a great cleaning lady. And my kids love her too. It’s really amazing how there is a cycle to history. However, unlike my mom, I let my cleaning lady know just how much she means to me and my family.

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