Having ductwork professionally checked every year

My apartment is equipped with a forced air gas furnace and air conditioning.

  • The heating and cooling units rely on a ventilation system that is concealed inside the walls, ceilings and crawlspace.

The ductwork carries the heated/cooled air to vents located in each room of the house. Any troubles with the ducts, such as leaks, corrosion, crushed pipes or a buildup of contaminants, directly impacts the performance of the gas furnace and air conditioning. The components end up running for longer cycles, using up more energy and experiencing more wear and tear, we’re subjected to troubles with indoor air conditions, inferior comfort and higher weekly energy costs. I’ve realized that it’s especially important to keep the duct system in peak laboring order. I make a point to schedule a duct inspection every year, over the last numerous years, I’ve only been faced with a couple of issues. The one time, there were some leaks at the seams and tiny holes in the pipes that needed to be sealed. Because of these imperfections, approximately fifteen percent of our heated and cooled air was being allowed to escape, however just a couple of years ago, the HVAC business advocated duct cleaning. He said there was a significant accumulation of dust, webs, mold and other debris within the system. The business brought in a unit that resembles a big vacuum cleaner. There was a lengthy hose with a brush connectment that was inserted into the ducts. The brush discabind stubborn contaminants which were then sucked up into the hose. Along with official duct inspection, I am conscientious about having the gas furnace and air conditioning professionally maintained each year.

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