Can’t turn on Heating & A/C or the pet freaks out

When my best acquaintance decided to adopt a pet, I thought it was an enjoyable idea. When she decided to adopt a special-needs pet, I thought it was risky. When she asked if I could watch her special needs pet for a few days, I thought I’d be able to handle it as long as she provided me with enough instruction. However, I never could’ve anticipated how taxing it would be to deal with a handicapped pet when you can’t talk to them. Communication issues aside, she honestly should have given me more information about her new pet, including the apparent hatred for central heating, cooling, plus air quality control systems. Within the first few moments of having this pet inside my home, all hell broke loose. I made the mistake of altering my control equipment settings so that my air-conditioning equipment would start working right away. It was feeling overheated plus stagnant inside after carrying the pet inside so I thought we could use some extra cooling power to handle the heat plus humidity levels. However, the pet disagreed with my desire for better indoor air quality because as soon as the cooling system began running, the pet started flailing around wildly. I couldn’t get him to quiet down no matter what I tried, until the air conditioner equipment stopped pushing high-quality treated indoor air into the entire house. Suddenly, the pet calmed down. For the next few days, I was unable to use my a/c separate from having a chaotic disaster with my friend’s new pet. I never knew that a pet could be so against a Heating & A/C system, plus I will never watch him again.

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