You can save money on air filters with coupons

I found out recently that there’s a good way to save some money on keeping your air conditioning and heating system running well.

I never really noticed it before, but apparently there are coupons for air filters in our regular Sunday paper.

We are some of the last holdouts who actually still get a regular newspaper. I know that’s kind of weird these days, when most people just read the news on their phones or on their computers, but we personally like the feeling of a real newspaper in the morning when we are having breakfast. That’s just how we are, I guess. I noticed a couple of weeks ago as I was reading the paper and having my coffee that a couple of the local HVAC companies had put some ads in the back of the paper. Along with the ads where they were advertising some deals on furnace maintenance and furnace tune-ups, they also put in coupons for twenty five percent off of air filters. This was the very first time that I had ever seen a coupon for air filters in my life. I was pretty excited about it when I saw it and I immediately cut it out and saved it. I know that we are going to have to change our air filter pretty soon and I would love to save a little bit of money on it. I use higher quality HEPA filters for my HVAC system and those can really add up if you change them out as often as we do at our house.


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