Worried about running out of air filters

The quarantine was poor enough, but now because of all these forest fires everything is turned up another level. 2020 is 1 corker of a year, isn’t it? Over the last few weeks our partner in addition to I have played every card game, dice game, board game, video game, in addition to career playing game that we have, and both of us have played them all to death; The fires have us more trapped in addition to indoors than COVID ever did, thanks to all the smoke in the air, in addition to we have totally run out of things I enjoy! I thought it was taxing being trapped inside before, but with all this smoke making the air quality dangerous, we are more trapped than ever! On a whim I went in addition to checked the air filter in our central HVAC system, as I realized i had not changed it in a couple of weeks. I was blown away at how dirty the air filter was, thanks to all this extra debris in addition to smoke in the air! Even with the doors in addition to windows kept closed at all times, the smoke was infiltrating our home in addition to clogging up the air filter! Thankfully I had a few spare air filters, but just to be safe I kept the dirty 1 to see if I could wash it up to reuse it. I would prefer not to use an old dirty air filter, but if I have no option in the matter than I will make do! I hope these fires go away soon, so the air filter thing never becomes a real problem.


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