Working out everyday allows me to stay productive

I own and operate a small gymnastic studio, where I teach floor tumbling, vault, beam and bars.

My students vary in age from just two-years-old up to around eighteen or nineteen.

The job of working with these kids is very gratifying but also strenuous. I spot the students as they attempt more difficult skills to ensure their safety. I not only need the knowledge to place my hands in the right positions at the perfect time, but also the strength to support their weight. To prevent injury to both the students and myself, it’s necessary that I remain in peak physical condition. Outside of training gymnasts, I prioritize my level of fitness. I make sure to devote approximately an hour a day on a combination of flexibility, strength training and aerobic exercise. I understand the importance of a dedicated warm up and cool down. By keeping my muscles strong and my body toned, I also hope to lead by example. I follow a healthy lifestyle. From the amount of sleep I get at night to the amount of water I drink during the day, I take good care of myself. Despite these efforts, there’s always the chance of injury. Over the years, I’ve sprained a wrist, gotten my nose broken and pulled a groin muscle. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that my job seems more strenuous and I’m more exhausted at the end of the day. However, at age 55, I’m still able to support the weight of students much larger than me. I am convinced that working out everyday allows me to continue being active and productive.

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