Worked out early that day

My sister Emma just got married last weekend.

  • She was sort of a demanding bride time wise.

I had to get a hotel for three nights because of all the wedding events I had to do. There was the wedding shower, rehearsal dinner and actual wedding day. On the day of the wedding all the bridesmaids needed to be at the venue by 9 am even though the ceremony didn’t start till 4:30. Wow, it was a long wait of just sitting around and doing nothing. I am a workout oriented person. I need to start my day off running and then stretching. It is how I wake up for the day and feel good about myself. Mentally, physically and emotionally I need to exercise. The hotel my sister wanted all of us to stay in didn’t come with a fitness room. So I actually had to spend more money to be further away from the venue but I gained a fitness center. I was able to run on a treadmill, use a rowing machine, lift some free weights and pull out a yoga mat to stretch. It made the three days of Emma a little more bearable. On the wedding day it was brutal getting up super early to work out. I could barely make myself run and stretch. I was so tired. I was thankfully later on though. The other ladies were still in their Pjs and just sitting around the wedding venue eating. They all felt cranky and sluggish. I was showered, rejuvenated and ready to roll right at 9 am. I felt like the wait wasn’t as bad because I had started my day right.


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