We put in security for our houses

The whole lake beach house automation plan has provided greater comfort and security

My partner and I spend our time between multiple houses, and we spend approximately half the year at each house. We are in the north from sometime in early May to the end of November and then head south for the next six months. With our living arrangements the way they are, all of us get to prefer the best weather in both locations. We avoid the summer time heat and all of the humidity down south and the snow and sub zero Winter temperatures in the north! However, taking care of multiple houses is more toil and worry than we like. We stress over the chance of the pipes freezing in our empty beach house if something should go wrong with the heating system. We are always upset when we worry over fire, flooding and break-ins. We finally invested in a lake beach house automation plan for each residence that we have, and the plan includes a smart control unit, carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector, and all sorts of security features; As part of the security system, the beach house is equipped with glass breakage sensors and surveillance cameras. It also has automated door locks, but if someone should enter the house, they have a brief amount of time to punch in a security code before the alarm starts to sound. My partner and I instantaneously get notified about it; Unless it is a false alarm, the official authorities are dispatched. We also have the ability to keep a lookout on both houses because of the surveillance cameras. At any time, we are able to watch a live video stream through our computers or smartphone. The whole lake beach house automation plan has provided greater comfort and security. It has made going back and forth between multiple properties way easier for us, that’s for sure.


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