Unique, sustainable living still has room for quality HVAC

It might have something to do with the way I was raised.

My parents were what some might call old hippies.

While that is quite a stereotypical description, it’s one that seems to resonate whenever I try to explain how my folks are. My brother and I were raised on a plot of land in a home that had no modern residential HVAC. We had a wood stove for heating during the winter and there were only fans during the summer. However, we lived in a region where doing without air conditioning wasn’t all that terrible. That can’t be said for the region I live in now. I tried to do without air conditioning but it was a brutally hot experience that I won’t repeat. Having been raised like I was, I sort of have an ingrained leaning toward nature and sustainability. This is why I live well out of any sort of population center on land the would be probably considered wild. My house is small as it’s just me and my wife. And we have a solar array that provides all the electricity we need to power our lives. Like my parents, I too have a wood stove for heating. But our winters are fairly mild. Unlike my parents, I have modern HVAC technology inside my house. Like I stated earlier, living through our summer without HVAC cooling is more that I could take. So we have a ductless mini split in our home that provides wonderfully cooling air all summer. Just being able to go to sleep at night with that cooling comfort from the ductless heat pump makes all the difference.

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