Thought dry air was the problem; it was mold

For the past 10 years I have been experiencing horrific sinus infections in the summer.

I’ve never had respiratory illness before this point in my life. Then, all of a sudden it seems like my lungs and nose were continually angry when the warm season rolls around. I always thought it was strange because I don’t have allergies or other respiratory illnesses. However, my sinus infections have been torturing me for a number of years now. For whatever reason, I always hypothesized that the illness was connected with air conditioning. It seems like every time I was inside of my apartment my sinus infection grew more painful and inflamed. I assumed that my air conditioning unit was the cause of my distress. Certainly, pumping a bunch of dry indoor air through my mucus membranes was drying them out and creating a more hospitable environment for airborne contaminants. I thought that I could get rid of my AC units or add additional humidity to the air to solve my respiratory problem. However, even after I took these air conditioning steps I still wasn’t able to save myself from persistent sinus problems. Eventually, I called out a professional heating and cooling technician to see if there were other air quality measures I could take. That’s when I found out about the mold. Apparently it wasn’t the air-conditioning I needed to worry about, it was the black field growing in my air ducts. All this time I was concerned with the level of dryness in my house when there was enough humidity to create a farm of mold.

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