Those heated floors were perfect

Last year, for my birthday my sibling Amy surprised me with a trip to the mountains.

She knows that I like to get away from the town and relax in a peaceful environment, so that trip to the mountain was perfect for me.

She rented a four room home and invited my best friend Lisa and my cousin Sasha, it was the perfect surprise girl trip weekend. I had stayed in a few cabins before, but none of them compared to the cabin that Amy rented, but this cabin was a luxury cabin with a lot of bells and whistles, and it had a lot of smart technology. It had a fireplace that could be controlled using a tablet, also all the lights were connected to the same system. So were the blinds and the HVAC system. We could control it all using one device, but the best area about this luxury cabin was that it had radiant floors in the bathrooms. And I was in heaven because it was in the middle of winter and those floors were perfect. It made stepping out of the shower a pleasant experience. Now, I am even considering installing floors in our home. After doing some research, I found out that the radiant floors can not only save me money on our energy bill, but they are also relatively easy to install. Because I would only install the radiant floors in our bathroom, the cost would be less than $2,000 because of the square footage of the space. So, these radiant radiant floors are very affordable as well as worth the money.


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