They only performed half of the job before leaving

Instead, I got the HVAC B-team.

You know, people drive me completely insane most of the time. I’m not sure if I was meant to be a part of this species, because I can’t stand most people who share 99% of the same DNA with me. I’m actually so opposed to meeting people from the general public after working in retail for a number of years. I lost all faith in humanity after working with idiots and catering to entitled jerks that I think I started to despise my own species here on earth. That being said, apparently I still have some expectations for my fellow man – at least, when I’ve hired them to do a job for me. Recently even the professionals that I hired managed to let me down and piss me right off when they didn’t finish my HVAC installation. After 10 years of waiting to be able to afford a new heating and cooling system, I was so excited to have the money for my air conditioner and furnace upgrades. I called my local air quality control repair shop and asked to arrange a full consultation for central HVAC devices. When they promised to send out a team of highly knowledgeable heating and cooling workers, I thought they meant it. Instead, I got the HVAC B-team. These guys took over 10 hours of banging around and disrupting my day before they reported that the HVAC installation was complete. And, like an idiot, I believed them. It was only after I tried to use my new thermostat that I realized the truth; they had set up the furnace, but not the AC unit. Did they think I wouldn’t notice the AC failure? Did they think I wouldn’t call the HVAC shop and demand a refund? Most baffling, did they think I needed a heater over the AC? It’s the middle of summer.

Ductless multi split