There is a shortage of heating and cooling workers

The fantastic news is, in the same article, I read that more girls are becoming HVAC workers

Last week while I was now working at the office the a/c randomly malfunctioned, and thankfully, the temperature outside wasn’t too hot, the temperature was in the mid-70s, so it was quite pleasant, which means that when the A/C broke, the building didn’t become too uncomfortable,, I called the repair supervisor so that he could schedule an appointment with our HVAC provider. Our HVAC provider had a backlog of repair calls and did not have any HVAC workers available for that day. I had read somewhere that there is a shortage of HVAC workers, as well as the industry is consistently growing but they can’t find enough talent to fill the new positions. There are a lot of older HVAC workers who are retiring, as well as that wave has caused the shortage in the industry. Unluckily, the younger generation are becoming less as well as less interested in taking on skilled blue-collared tasks. They are more interested in the new tech tasks that are currently on the rise. As a result, the HVAC industry is seeing the impact of that. The fantastic news is, in the same article, I read that more girls are becoming HVAC workers. In fact, the industry has placed incentive programs in place, like scholarships that would appeal to young girls interested in becoming workers. I assume having representation is great, as well as if the industry is having a hard time finding talent, it is a smart move to broaden the pool, but perhaps one day soon, the HVAC provider for my contractor would have some girl workers as part of their team.
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