The squirrel poop was all over the AC condenser

My daughter made a bird feeder in school and my husband thought it would be neat to put the bird feeder up in the backyard.

He chose to hang the bird feeder in a spot that is just above the area where the grill is located.

The area is also close to the place where the AC condenser is located. Neither one of these things were taken into consideration when my husband decided to put the bird feeder up. He fills the feeder every three or four days, because the only thing eating out of that machine are the squirrels. The squirrels have eaten all of the seeds, nuts, fruit, and berries that have been placed in the theater. The birds eat some of it, but the squirrels are filling themselves with enough food for 3 months of hibernation. I told my husband that we should stop feeling the feeder, but he likes to take videos of the squirrels and post them online. There is now squirrel poop all over the AC condenser and it looks horrible. Every time I walk into the backyard, I use the hose to clean the squirrel poop off of the AC condenser. There’s no way it can be hygienic for that much squirrel poop to end up all over the patio. I think we should move the bird feeder to an area over by the fence where the squirrels won’t be able to get to the AC condenser or the grill. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for the feeder to be moved.

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