The price is not right

When I was shopping for a brand new central heating and a/c a few weeks back I was not too glad with the Heating and A/C sales rep.

They were trying to sell myself and others all these central heating and a/cs at prices that were just way too high for what they were. The sales rep at this particular heating and cooling system corporation thought they were pulling a fast a single on me. But little did they guess that I knew all there was to guess about central heating and a/c prices because our brother is in the Heating and A/C corporation and entirely works for a single of the heating and cooling system companies here in town. I told the heating and cooling sales rep where to stick it and that I knew he was trying to rip myself and others off. I then decided that I was just going to buy a brand new central heating and a/c from the Heating and A/C supplier our brother happens to work for. Why I did not do this at first is beyond me. But all of us live and all of us learn. And I will make sure that moving forward I do not go to that heating and cooling corporation again and that I will never buy a single heating and cooling product from them. I would also tell all our friends in the local area about their overpricing and have them prepared for whatever they were going to see in terms of price in that place. Amen to that!
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