The perks of commercial life

When I was growing up my family didn’t give me too many options.

They wanted me to go into the family business which was taking over the local gun shop.

I never had an interest in firearms and I didn’t appreciate the people who frequented our store. In fact, I was more interested in going into some kind of skilled trade job. I regularly picked up pamphlets from the local trade school and tried to figure out what kind of work I would like to go into. Eventually, I realized that their heating, cooling, and ventilation program was probably my best bet. The entire heating and cooling program took 18 months to complete. After that, you had an official HVAC certification under your belt. You could quickly start working for a residential heating and cooling repair shop as a professional air quality control specialist. This seemed very appealing to me. After a few years working in residential heating, cooling, and air quality control services, however, I absolutely didn’t feel so sunny about the residential HVAC game. In fact, I was tired of visiting random people’s houses and dealing with their constant complaints. I decided it was time to go into commercial heating and cooling solutions. When I joined the commercial HVAC crew I realized that it was much better money for much less work. Maybe we work 12 to 16-hour days sometimes but I never have to drive all over the city. Plus, no one is complaining to me about their HVAC devices when I try to work. When I didn’t go into the family business, it was to avoid the general public. Finally, I can do the same in my HVAC career.


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