The HVAC tech was super cute with a great smile

I had to call the commercial HVAC provider, because the chiller in the back of the store was making a very strange sound.

  • I told my boss that the sound was getting louder and louder, so she told me to call the company listed on the back of the cash register.

The HVAC company has come out to the store in the past a few different times to help with heating or cooling problems. I contacted the company and explained the issues that we were encountering. The answering service called me back ten minutes later and I was told that someone by the name of Chris was going to be coming to help. When Chris arrived, I was surprised to see a woman. I am absolutely not a sexist person, but I have never had a female HVAC technician in the past. It wasn’t strange, but it was definitely a surprise. The woman was clearly knowledgeable about the chiller and other HVAC subjects. She got right to work and found the problem. She was finished with the HVAC repair in less than an hour and I never got a chance to ask her for her phone number. She was super cute and had a great smile and I would have liked to get to know her a little bit better. I secretly hope that another problem with the chiller will happen soon so I have an excuse to call the commercial HVAC repair provider. I just need one more minute with her and I think I could absolutely fall in love.


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