The HVAC supplier needs to replace this broken air conditioner

My new a/c just stopped now working; it is so annoying that I just took the time & spent the money to buy a new a/c.

It particularly was a surprise to myself and others that the a/c just stopped now working all of the sudden. I just don’t feel that I know what to do. I didn’t spend the extra fifty dollars on the more than 2 year warranty plan. I really should have. I have only had the a/c for about a week though, so I am hoping that they will repair our a/c or provide myself and others a new one… The dealer that I bought the a/c from has particularly fantastic reviews, so I am hoping that they will go to task with myself and others to get myself and others a new a/c that really works. The a/c that I bought was not like the cheapest a/c or anything like that. I should not have to worry about the a/c not actually working already. It is simply ridiculous. I looked up the manual for the a/c online, and I evaluated to make sure I was doing everything right; according to the manual, I was doing everything properly. I don’t understand why the a/c is not now working then. It simply must be broken after a week of use. I don’t feel why our a/c would be broken after just a week of regular use. I hope that our a/c can be fixed or updated, or I am going to be stuck. I don’t have the money to buy another brand new a/c for my house.



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