The farmhouse felt comfortable with radiant floor heating

Grandma was simply the best.

She always knew how to make us want to stay longer at the farm.

She made these amazing treats and always had different activities planned out. While other kids couldn’t wait to get back to the city, we wanted to stay longer. Last fall, we visited her for a few days and worked on her house. It wasn’t bad, but our parents wanted to upgrade a few things. Her house was like their DIY canvas, and we must admit they made the place look amazing. Grandma had been having trouble with cold floors. Despite her house having an oil furnace, she still said the floors were too cold during the harsh winter months. So, our parents dug into their savings and surprised grandma with radiant floor heating. Unlike other upgrades that they did themselves, this was something the HVAC professionals had to do. The whole process would mean tearing off the floors to lay the piping system for radiant heated floors. Grandma was so happy to heat she was getting heated floors. The HVAC professional arrived the following morning and began ripping the living room, kitchen, and bathroom floors. These three rooms would get radiant floor heating first, then the rest of the house would follow later. It took about two weeks for the process to be complete, and the floors were redone. When we visited again, the farmhouse felt warm and comfortable just in time for winter. Grandma was happy walking around barefoot in her home.


Cooling representative