The ductless HVAC unit installation took longer than I expected

One of the last things that my wife and I had completed when we were remodeling our garage was the installation of a ductless HVAC unit.

My wife and I knew it was important to heat and cool the space.

My wife and I spoke with the contractor at great lengths and the three of us agreed that the best way to heat and cool the space was installing a ductless mini-split HVAC unit. My wife and I scheduled the installation on a Saturday, because both of us believed we would be off work that day. We never have work or meetings scheduled for the weekend, because those are the two days when we go to our house in the country. Unfortunately, we had an emergency arise and both of us had to be somewhere at 3 in the afternoon. We were hopeful that the workers would finish hours before the meeting started, but the day dragged on. The mini split ductless HVAC unit installation started at 9 a.m. I certainly thought they would be finished with the job before lunch time. I didn’t realize that the job was complicated. I honestly thought it would be the same as installing a window AC unit. I was surprised when the ductless HVAC unit installation took longer than I expected. My wife and I thought we were going to be late to our afternoon meeting, but we made it just in time. The technicians working on the installation didn’t finish until 2:15 and my wife and I barely managed to get to the meeting before our investor arrived.


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