The day of my wedding was a excruciating time for A/C concerns

I was anxious for a month before my wedding.

I was anxious about the arena and the catering and I was anxious that all of us would not have enough food for all of the people.

My fiance told myself and others that I should stop feeling anxious, however it wasn’t exactly simple, after all, a million complications can happen to totally ruin the day. When I woke up and I realized that the A/C wasn’t blowing cold air, I went crazy and lost my mind. I called my fiance, then he was at a hotel with a couple of his friends. Every one of us didn’t system to see each other until later that day at the church. I told my fiance that the A/C wasn’t blowing cold air. I couldn’t get ready at the home if the air conditioner unit wasn’t working. My fiance decided to leave the hotel at once. He drove right to the house. I think that it is exhausting luck to see your fiance on the day of the wedding, however all of us were already starting our day with A/C complications. I called a couple of sites that service A/C units. No a single had an appointment first thing that day, however I had a lot of companies offer to complete the labor later that day. Of course, that was no help at all, then luckily, my quick thinking fiance saved the day. He rented the honeymoon suite at the hotel where he was staying with his friends and all of us got ready together at the hotel. My mom and Dad took care of the A/C problem while all of us were on our honeymoon.



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