The commercial roofing replacement was going to cost a fortune

I have been buying and selling commercial and residential properties for the past 15 years… I started off in the supplier as a regular building contractor and then we started buying and selling properties.

One of the reasons why I do so well in the supplier is due to the fact that I was a contractor first.

I can tell when something is not up to code, and a good amount of realtors do not have that exact comprehension as I do. It means I can save cash occasionally by making a good decision not to buy a property. I recently made a really smart decision not to buy a commercial property. The 35,000 sq ft building needed a new roof. I knew it was going to cost a small fortune to replace the roof of the building. The owner of the property gave me an estimate from a supplier that was unreasonably low. I made the choice to contact a couple of unusual commercial roofing companies to see how much it would absolutely cost to replace the roof of the building, and when I put all of the estimates together, I suddenly came to see that the estimate I acquired from the property owner was a sham. There was actually no way that the roofing contractor was only going to charge that amount of cash to replace the roof when I was getting estimates twice that high. I did not get truly good vibes from the owner and after hearing about the roof, I knew it wasn’t a wise move to purchase that certain commercial property.


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