The commercial company demanded more money for their construction services

It’s always nice to be a part of something new.

I was hired to manage a brand new apartment complex with 200 different apartments and four buildings.

When I took the job, one of my first actions was to fix many of the problems on the property. Half of the washers and dryers in the laundry room did not work. The elevator in building number 2 was stuck on floor 3 half of the time. The playground in the middle of the courtyard was a huge disaster and an accident and lawsuit waiting to happen. When I took the job, a lot of mothers and fathers came to the office to complain about the playground equipment. I decided it was going to be my first major construction project on the property. I called a lot of different places to get estimates for the new playground equipment and outdoor area. I had to hire a commercial company to complete the playground construction since we have so many apartments and such a large area. The commercial construction company demanded a lot more money for their services, but they completed a quality job in the right amount of time. We have a new fence around the playground and the commercial building company even constructed a small area with picnic tables, benches, and chairs. The day after we completed the last of the work, I opened the palace to the public. Since that day, the playground has been filled with moms, dads, and children every single day. It’s one of the highlights of the complex and the first photo on our online virtual tour.

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