The boss sent me out of town for a seven day conference on solar heating

When my boss asked for volunteers to go to the June seminar on solar heating, I did not raise my hand.

My wife’s birthday is in June and I did not want to take any chances that I would miss her 50th birthday.

One guy raised his hand and the boss said that he was going to assign people randomly if he did not get two more volunteers. He couldn’t understand why no one wanted to go to the conference. It was being held down south in a nice sunny Resort town and we were put up in a five-star hotel. No one raised their hands so the boss decided to pick randomly and I was one of the people chosen. I talked to the boss after the meeting was over and I told him that I did not want to be gone when my wife had her birthday. My boss asked me when my wife’s birthday was going to be and I told him what date it was. He told me that was right in the middle of the conference on solar heating. Then he offered to pay for a second ticket so my wife could join me on the weekend of her birthday. I honestly never expected my boss to offer something so generous. I was completely surprised. He told me that he really wanted me to go on the trip and he hoped that I would be able to convince my wife that it was a good decision to go down South for a couple of days. When my wife found out about the free trip down south, she couldn’t pack her bags fast enough.

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