The bookstore didn't carry any heating or AC supplies

It rained a lot during my freshman year of University.

  • I was forced to live in a dorm that was on the west side of campus and most of my classes were entirely long.

I regularly had to show up to my classes drenched from the rain. I was regularly cold after coming back to the dorm room. I spent multiple hours in wet clothes. One day I checked the campus bookstore for a space heating device. We cannot easily control indoor temperatures in our old dorm building, but I knew having an additional heating device near the bed would be helpful. We had a roommate who was never back in the dorm room plus he did not seem to care if we had a heater in the room. Every one of us felt that a space heater would be ideal. When the bookstore did not have any heaters or AC units, it seemed like I would be forced to find a space gas furnace in a different part of the city. Many buildings in this area are cold and outdated with insulation. I had to call an Uber to find a space heating device that next weekend. It was unusual to be the person in the dorm room with a space heater, but it was unusually cold and rainy that whole year. Now that both of us are seniors, there have been very few days with rain and it is entirely awful that we have not been forced to use the space heater again at all after that year.

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