The air filtration unit needed service on Saturday

We got lots of sun and we played in the water and the waves

My boss usually makes us work on Saturdays. We catch up on paperwork and log all of our client billing hours on Saturday morning. Last week the air filtration unit needed service. The air filtration unit has been installed for about six months. The owner of the business decided to install the air filtration equipment after one of our employees tested positive for coronavirus. Everyone was scared and the air filtration unit calmed our nerves. Saturday was the only appointment time that the HVAC repair center had left for the weekend. Instead of working four hours on Saturday, my boss asked each one of us to work an extra hour throughout the week. I didn’t mind working an extra hour, because I was excited to have a Saturday off. My girlfriend and I were going to spend some time at the beach. We woke up bright and early to go to the beach. I packed a cooler and a picnic basket. I brought some water and some soda pop. I also packed some hummus and crackers, some crisp vegetables, and a big bag of fresh fruit. My girlfriend and I spent all day at the beach. We got lots of sun and we played in the water and the waves. I don’t know when I will get another Saturday off, so we took advantage of the rare opportunity. When I went back to the office on Monday morning, it was clear that the problems with the air filtration unit were fixed. The whole place smelled fresh and clean.


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