Terminating my a/c service idea for lack of use

I always argue that prevention is better than cure.

I come from a family of clumsy people who happen to just break things actually often.

Our cabin is full of broken and disfigured household appliances and equipment that the two of us drop, step on, ram into, or simply mishandle… Because of this habit, I decided to take precautions and ensure my household appliances love the portable space heater, for any eventuality. Additionally, I got myself an a/c service idea to cover any injure that might arise from any radiant heating system or cooling idea mishandled or disfigured. The agent made it clear that he will not be responsible for any Heating and A/C service or service on any Heating and A/C equipment that is disfigured outside the regular yearly service. At first, I thought I hadhave an a/c workman on call for emergencies however the cost per visit was beyond my budget. With a service plan, there was an Heating and A/C supplier available to assist with any issues. Although I was just preparing for the inevitable, my idea wasn’t well thought out because the buildings’ air quality systems were still in perfect working condition, meaning higher seer ratings overall. It would be a while before I would use the service idea that I was paying for. In other words, I would end up spending more on the idea than actual repairs. So I arranged for a meeting with the Heating and A/C business that provides the service idea to discuss terminating the contract since the building had new Heating and A/C. I figured it would be a while before the quality Heating and A/C offered way to new a/c replacement.


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