Specializing in cooling install cost me business during winter!

I don’t like biting more than what I can chew but staying in my comfort zone has cost me business for a while.

In fact, in my family, we have all specialized in one area of our careers, for example, my mom is a lawyer but she is a family court specialist.

My sister is a nurse but specializes in bone structure. I took the same route and chose to become a cooling install specialist. All our careers have challenges but mine has been the worst. During autumn and spring, I am the busiest person in the family, up and about fixing an air conditioning filter here and there, or fine tuning some indoor air cleaning system to restore quality AC service. However, when the seasons change to winter, I have to rely on a few a/c reps to offer me side jobs. Over the years, I have seen my colleagues make money from fixing gas furnaces, oil heaters, or performing boiler repair. They diversified to cash in on the heating business needs that supply, fix and maintain demands for heating devices, radiant heaters and electric heaters. That was my cue to embrace change and learn more about HVAC. So I went back to school to refresh my knowledge of ac equipment and become more diverse. A year later I was back in the market with better skills and improved chances of earning more money all year round. Now, anything that involves climate control, I can fix, install and maintain, no matter the season. My family was happy for me but of course the rest stuck to their chosen career paths since they were doing just fine.

a/c professional