Son need air conditioning system after skating nearly 30 miles

My teenage daughter wanted myself and others to take him out to the beach.

I think there was some sort of skater convention going on or something.

Well I couldn’t take him. I had things going on today… Besides, I didn’t want to hang out with skaters all afternoon long. So I said “no”, and she wasn’t ecstatic but I thought she had given up on the idea when I saw him go outside with her skateboard a half hour later. She was gone all afternoon. I didn’t see him until dinner time. When she showed up she was hot, covered in sweat, plus tire. She drank half a gallon of water plus then plopped her covered in sweat self on the sofa in front of the air conditioner vent. I was about to sfrosty him but I could see how sleepy she was. She then told myself and others that she has skated all the way to the beach. It is over 14 miles a single way to the beach! She said that going there was not too bad. It was still early plus it wasn’t very hot. However, coming back was terrible. She said she stopped at at least more than one air conditioned fast food locales along the way to cool down plus get something to drink. She was very ecstatic to be apartment in front of the air conditioner. She swore she wasn’t going to ever leave this air conditioner vent again. I wish I could believe that. I can’t believe she skated all the way to the beach! And back! If I’d have known she was going to do that I would have taken in our air conditioned car. I would have been a lot safer.


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