Sometimes a radiant space heater is better than a fan-forced central furnace

I reluctantly moved into my aunt’s old house last week.

She passed away two months ago and willed her house to me.

I love this place, but as it is currently decorated, all it does is remind me of my aunt. We were extremely close because she’d babysit me during the day while my parents were at work until I was old enough to attend school. Even after I started going to kindergarten, my aunt would pick me up from school in the afternoons and often took me to get an ice cream cone before dropping me off at home. I have always been close to both of my parents, but my aunt was like a second mother to me. Best of all, no one asked her to, she was simply full of love in every conceivable way. That’s why it was so shattering when I was given the news. That’s also why it’s hard for me to adjust to living in her house without her here. I decided to decorate this place differently, hoping that changing the visual look of the house would help it evolve into my personal home. After I painted throughout, I had an HVAC technician inspect my heating and cooling system. He said that my air conditioner was in good working order, but it just needed a little bit of coolant. My furnace on the other hand was broken and needed to be replaced. Since I only need heat in my bedroom, I went to the store to buy a space heater. I was amazed at how powerful this new radiant space heater really was. It far outpaces the furnace at my old apartment and any other furnace I’ve used personally. If you don’t need central heat, having a radiant space heater is sometimes more satisfying.
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