Should I Invest in Advanced HVAC Plan

I’ve always heard about HVAC memberships that include wonderful discounts on HVAC maintenance.

I’ve never considered joining one of the annual HVAC memberships because I didn’t think I could benefit from it.

Back when I first heard about the annual memberships, my HVAC system was fairly new and it didn’t give me any trouble. I had no problem paying for an HVAC professional to come service the furnace or air conditioner twice per year. However, now that my HVAC system is older and not running as efficiently as it once did, I’m more inclined to join an annual HVAC maintenance plan. I found a company online that offered an advanced HVAC maintenance plan, which includes 100% parts and labor fees. It’s a hefty membership fee, but if you’re someone like me who is anticipating a lot of problems running their HVAC system, then it could be worth it! The advanced HVAC maintenance plan also included free air filters, which was a nice bonus. I was having a hard time deciding if the advanced HVAC maintenance plan was for me, so I spoke with a trusted HVAC professional about it. I told him the specifics about my HVAC system and how I was concerned about the furnace and AC system making it through the extreme temperatures. After looking at my HVAC system in depth, he said the advanced program was nice, but he didn’t think I’d get my money’s worth. Instead, he suggested doing the basic maintenance plan for a year.



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