Separate HVAC zones suits us perfectly

When you live in an area that is renowned for the heat, you better be sure that you have the HVAC situation in order. That much is a for sure certainty. The home we bought had a decent HVAC unit. We actually negotiated a better price because it was past the middle of its productivity. That HVAC did okay but it really wasn’t what we wanted. During the worst of the summer heat, the HVAC just ran forever in an attempt to meet demand. That resulted in just one whopper electric bill after another. Consequently, we had to leave the HVAC setting in the mid to high 80’s during the day just to keep from going broke. The problem with that was, the HVAC just couldn’t get the house very cool by the time we went to bed. Somehow, we dealt with this for years. Then, the HVAC tech told us we needed to make replacement plans. So, we called the HVAC contractor and got to making a plan. Now, we have an efficient, reliable heating & cooling unit that provides the kind of comfort we have been yearning for. This has been bliss. However, we recently took it up a level. While we are super thankful to have a good HVAC unit, our temperature preferences differ greatly. This has caused some friction and enough compromise to foster resentment. That’s why I had the HVAC tweak or existing system to provide zone control HVAC to our house. Now, everyone can find the right temperature for their space. And we still stay under budget on the utilities.

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